Is Zyro a Good Wix Alternative?

Many users find it difficult to use Wix and are put off by the high cost of creating a Wix website. If you're looking for an alternative, Zyro could be the answer.

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What is Zyro?

Like Wix, Zyro is a website builder. Though it has many of the same great features as Wix, it is much simpler to use and faster to set up too.


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Как и в случае с Wix и другими альтернативами Wix, Zyro помогает запустить онлайн-магазин с мощными инструментами электронной коммерции - всего лишь дешевле .


24/7 customer support

No more waiting for an email reply for days. Help is always at hand at Zyro – contact our team 24/7/365.


SEO boost

Zyro lets you optimize your website for search engines and rank higher than a Wix website would. This is mostly because of top website speeds achieved by Zyro.


Facebook Messenger Live

Add Facebook Messenger onto your website to allow visitors to message you directly. Reply instantly or when you're next online.

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How is Zyro better than Wix?

Zyro has some features which give it an edge over Wix, especially for first-time web designers.

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No service ads

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  • Simpler set up

    Чтобы помочь сделать процесс разработки сайта простым и доступным, Zyro создал конструктор на основе сетки с функцией перетаскивания элементов. Вам просто нужно перетащить элементы, которые вы хотите на своем сайте, на страницу. Этот простой метод позволяет настраивать ваши сайты без навыков кодирования. Это делает его одной из лучших альтернатив Wix для тех, кто практически не имеет опыта в веб-разработке.

  • Faster website building

    One of the main things people look for in Wix competitors is the ability to get their websites online fast. Among other great features of the Zyro website builder is that, unlike Wix, you're able to get your website online in minutes. Zyro's selection of designer-made, SEO friendly, andd beautiful templates offers you a head start on building your website. The drag-and-drop builder, access to over 1 million stock photos, and quick previews all make it easy to go live in a hurry.

  • Cheaper price plans

    Though functionality is your main concern, price is a deciding factor too. Zyro not only has a free plan which lets you launch anything from a portfolio website to an online store, but its paid plans are also more affordable than Wix's. Starting from $1.99 up to $4.99 per month up to, Zyro lets you connect a custom domain, benefit from more storage and bandwidth, and use powerful business tools.

  • More storage

    A website is somewhere you might keep a lot of videos or photos, and too little storage will limit your options when it comes to what to upload. What makes Zyro one of the best Wix alternatives is the option of unlimited storage. With Wix's most expensive VIP plan, you're still limited to a total storage space of 20GB. With Zyro's Unleashed plan, you can enjoy unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

What is the easiest website builder for beginners?


    Wix certainly offers its users a lot of control over their websites. However, some users suggest that the website editor is overly complicated. There is a steep learning curve for first-time web designers hoping to use the tool.

    Zyro is a free Wix alternative focused on being easy to use , while still delivering beautiful websites. The entire platform, from the drag-and-drop builder to the multi-device previews, is designed with ease of use in mind.

    This makes Zyro the best choice for beginners. It's great for small businesses who can now make and manage websites on their own. No need to hire a web designer, or learn how to code.

  • Choose a premium plan

    You can choose to make an absolutely free website using a free domain from Zyro. However, should you decide you'd like to explore Zyro further, there are multiple premium plan alternatives, all packed with features.

    Zyro's Basic plan unlocks a whole lot of perks for a low monthly fee. You'll get increased storage and bandwidth, the ability to connect a custom domain, the use of Google Analytics and Facebook marketing tools, as well as a website free of Zyro ads.

    If you choose to level up to Zyro's Unleashed plan, you'll enjoy all the perks of the basic plan, with the addition of unlimited storage and bandwidth. Very few website builders are going to offer you that.

  • Используйте мощные интеграции

    То, что им просто пользоваться, не означает, что Zyro прост. Помимо всех инструментов дизайна сайтов, вы также найдёте полезные интеграции, которые превратят ваш сайт в мощный канал онлайн-маркетинга.

    Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager help you get the most out of your traffic and improve your search performance. Facebook pixel and Facebook Messenger aid in making great ads and connecting with customers.

    On top of these big names, you'll find Hotjar. It’s a tool which creates user heatmaps that visualize how visitors use your website.

    Combined, these marketing integrations help optimize your website and maximize your conversions.

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Zyro gives you simplicity and 24/7 support – for less money