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Sell Software Online With Zyro

Selling software is much easier than you think. Start making sales with Zyro.

Create an online store

Build an online store easily and sell software directly to clients around the world. Optimize it and improve conversion rates with powerful marketing tools.

Sell everywhere

Sell your software globally

Whatever their location and whichever device they use, you can sell your software to them. Zyro will make sure your software products shine and your sales grow.

Showstopping design

Set up a beautiful storefront

Your software sales will come easier with a website that leaves a good first impression. From health apps to audiovisual editing tools – make your software products stand out.

Get online asap

Start selling software in minutes

Starting your online business doesn't have to take ages. With a little help from Zyro, your store will be ready to sell software online in under an hour.

A simple customer journey

Make it easy to buy your software

A customer's journey should be effortless at every step. Going from the landing page to the payment screen takes little time with Zyro, making buying a breeze.

Exactly what you need

One low fee, no strings attached, and a beautiful website that performs – that's what you get with Zyro. Start your software business today with one of our two eCommerce plans.

Zyro Online Store

The best way to start your new business is by setting up a beautiful eCommerce website. This plan has got everything you need to start selling software online.

Zyro Advanced Store

Grow your business with professional marketing tools, from abandoned cart recovery to discounts and advertising tools.

How to sell software online with Zyro

  1. 01

    Join Zyro

    Create an account in a minute, choose which price plan you'd like to go for, and start building your store. Choose any Zyro's eCommerce plan.

  2. 02

    Build your online store

    Building an online store with Zyro's drag-and-drop builder is easy. Choose a designer-made template, add the online store module, set up product details, and you're ready to rumble.

  3. 03

    Go live

    One more click and visitors will be coming in to check out your new store. Launch it with a click of a button and congratulate yourself for starting an online business.

  4. 04

    Promote your software

    Here comes the fun part. Use Zyro's powerful marketing tools to bring in more visitors and increase your revenue.

  5. 05

    Shoot for the moon

    Take advantage of all the features that will take your software store from a niche player to an established brand. Integrate Google Analytics, sell on social media, and run remarketing campaigns.

How to sell software online FAQs

  • There is no set way to sell software online; each business works differently. Luckily, there are some steps you can take that will help you on your journey. 1. Find your niche Before building your software, think about what your target market is. Research that demographic and consider how your work can help solve a problem that they have. 2. Create software This is probably the most demanding part of the process, but the payoff will be oh-so-worth-it. 3. Start marketing Build hype for your software, so as soon as it ships, you'll have customers waiting at the checkout screen. Use email lists, blog posts, and attractive landing pages that engage visitors. 4. Keep going and growing. Use marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and others to grow your client base and increase your conversion rate.
  • When trying to sell software online, you need to know your visitors inside out. The best way to do that is by using Google Analytics. Understand your customers, their behavior, and their habits, to optimize your online software store and make more sales.Once you know where your customers come from, you can tailor your pages to keep them engaged. Use the AI Heatmap to check if your call-to-action buttons and value propositions are seen.Lastly, use Zyro's conversion optimization features, e.g. abandoned cart recovery, to make sure you never miss a software sale.

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