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How to start a blog

Share your ideas with the world and engage your visitors. Become a thought leader.

Start a Blog
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How to start a blog

Here’s how to launch your dream blog in 3 easy steps.

1. Choose the perfect template

We’ve got a huge variety of designer-crafted templates to choose from, each packed with must-have features. Your blog won’t just be beautiful, but fully functional as well.

Zyro is a website builder where your creativity won’t be held back and you won’t need any technical experience to use it.

All types of blogs

Whatever blog you want to run, you’ll find a template. Clean minimalism, section-rich professional design, or modern image-heavy layouts – we cater to all.

Our expansive template library is continuously being updated, so there is always a freshly designed one waiting for you to try it out.

Find a template and share your passion with the world, for free.

Start blog image

2. Customize the look

Use all of our powerful features and innovative tools to make the template your own. You want YOUR brand to shine through, so customize to your heart’s content.

Add, edit and remove sections, change images using the free library of 1+ million images, generate unique text with the help of AI Writer… The list goes on.

You can adjust every aspect of your blog without ever touching a single line of code. Easy peasy.

Grid-based drag and drop

Make every element pixel-perfect with the in-built grid system of Zyro.

Whenever you add an element – a text box, image, or a form – it will align perfectly. Simply drag and drop the item and it will fall right into place.

Fonts and colors

Go ahead and take advantage of a massive font library at Zyro; choose one that reflects your brand but keeps readability in mind too.

Can’t see your favorite font? Upload one yourself as it takes just a few clicks.

And if you’re not happy with the color scheme, you can easily change the color of any element on the blog to match your brand.

Visual perfection – unlocked.

Fashion week template

3. Go live

Now that your new blog looks exactly how you want it to look, you’re ready to share it with the world.

Getting online takes one click of a button. No technical setup or configurations are needed when you use Zyro.

Save time and focus on growing your blog audience and establishing your brand instead.

Get a custom domain

Getting a custom domain shows that you care about your blog.

Investing in a domain name will help visitors remember your brand easier, improve SEO, and open up a new world of possibilities.

A catchy, future-proof address is just one click away. Struggling with ideas? Our AI-powered domain name generator will help you out.

Travel blog image

Set your blog up for success

A streamlined setup process means that you’ll have your blog set up and ready for publishing in just a few minutes. Build and grow your website – we’ll take care of the rest.

Success blog image


You create, we optimize. All blogs created with Zyro are designed for SEO and allow for easy metadata customization.

Mobile responsive

Zyro websites are built with responsive design in mind. Desktop, tablet, or smartphone – your blog will look great on all of them.

Custom rich text editor

Our custom rich text editor makes editing and formatting easy, so you can pour all your effort and energy into content creation instead.

Quick and easy

Zyro is hard at work making blogging easier. With our intuitive drag and drop builder and a library of beautiful templates, your dream blog is only a few clicks away.

Turn your blog into a brand

Zyro provides all of the branding tools you need to build your blog’s successful online presence.

Jewelery template blog

Premium domain names

Get a memorable address for your blog with a unique domain . There are loads of great options up for grads.

Pastry template blog

Business name generator

Start your business off right with a professional name that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Grill template blog

Professional logo maker

Express what your brand is all about with a beautiful logo . No design skills required.

Designer template blog

Designer-made blog templates

Free, designer-made templates for every niche that you can think of. Pick one and easily customize it to fit your brand.

Generator template

AI-Powered content generator

Take full advantage of Zyro’s AI-powered content generator to add unique content to your site, completely free.

Generator template blog

Track what visitors love

See what’s making visitors stick around with a heatmap that predicts visitor behaviour, before they come.

How to Start a Blog - FAQ

  • How long does it take to set up a blog?

    With Zyro, you can have your own blog in just a few minutes. You just need to sign up, tweak one of the built-in templates, and publish your blog. After adding your first post, you are ready to show your blog to the world.

  • What’s the difference between a blog and a website?

    Blog is a type of website that has regularly updated content which is displayed in reverse chronological order. Bloggers write about various topics, depending on the niche of their choice. A blog can be managed by individuals, teams, and businesses. Furthermore, the writing tone is casual and you can often find a comment section where readers can discuss with one another.

    On the other hand, a website is an online collection of interconnected pages, which contain various multimedia files. However, the content is updated less frequently than a blog and is usually static.

  • Can I make money with a blog?

    Of course. There are many ways you can monetize your blog, such as displaying ads, joining an affiliate program, or selling your products. There are also other interesting options, like creating a paid membership program and promoting your skills as a freelancer. If you own a business, your blog can act as the content marketing tool to increase your profit.

  • How can I start my blog?

    First, decide what you want to blog about. You can discuss your hobbies, business, or projects. Either way, writing about something you love will help you create content in a more consistent way.

    Then, create a Zyro account and select a blog template from the template library. It could be tempting to launch right away, but don’t forget to customize.

    Spend some time thinking about the design of your blog. Change the colors, add missing elements and organize your pages to fit your brand style. First impressions matter.

    Next, choose a good domain name – it’s an extremely important step. Pick one or two words that are relatively short and memorable. Your domain name should describe what your blog is all about.

    Make sure to promote your blog via social media channels and work on your SEO. If you want to have an audience, you must work at being seen.

  • Can I start a blog for free?

    Yes, you can. Zyro allows you to create a blog, own a domain, and customize your theme free of charge. What’s great, the free plan already includes cloud hosting that will deliver an amazing website performance.