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Wedding Invitation preview

Wedding Invitation

Make sure you get to celebrate the best day of your life with people you hold near and dear. Share all of the important information online.

Bed And Breakfast preview

Bed And Breakfast

You’ve set up your hospitality business with the needs of your guests in mind. Now create a website that elevates their online and mobile experience too.

Fashion Pop-up Store preview

Fashion Pop-up Store

Want to generate some major buzz for your pop-up store? This bold template will put your products front and center.

Creative Agency preview

Creative Agency

A minimal design is perfect to make your studio work stand out. Now, let your beautiful new website do all the convincing.

Electronic Artist preview

Electronic Artist

Taking global stages over by storm? It’s time to take over the internet next with this dramatic yet clean website design.

Resume preview


Share your professional life story with the world by using this modern template. It highlights the important bits and leaves out the faff.

Marathon preview


Your event website should both look great and be fully functional too. You can hit that sweet spot with this beautiful template.

Modern Art preview

Modern Art

Clean and minimal design elements create a modern website template to highlight your art exhibition event.

Pet Care preview

Pet Care

Featuring a subdued color palette and a simple interface, this website template puts people at ease and convinces them that their pets will be well looked after.

Photography preview


Impress potential clients with a website that makes your photographs pop. No distractions and a clear focus on your work is what this template is all about.

Product Page preview

Product Page

We’ve got the design, you’ve got the goods. Check out this template that relies on bold photography and cleanly set out text blocks to promote your products.

Startup Company preview

Startup Company

You might be small, but you’re mighty. Prove your worth to everyone on the web with this playful design that instills trust and sparks curiosity.

Bakery preview


Got a business that’s fresh and sweet? We’ve got just the template for you, one that your customers will remember – with gusto.

Personal Profile preview

Personal Profile

Optimized for skimming, our personal profile page is the perfect choice for when you want to give your readers just the highlights. No faffing around.

Fashion & Apparel preview

Fashion & Apparel

Your fashion brand deserves to stand out online. Give it a chance to shine with this website template - minimalism is totally in vogue right now.

Wellness / Massage Services preview

Wellness / Massage Services

Your wellness website must have zero frustration when it comes to user experience online and on mobile. Complement their journey with this soothing template.