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AI Isı Haritası ile iyi bir site kurun ve dönüşümlerinizi artırın

Ziyaretçileriniz sitenizi ziyaret etmeden neye odaklandıklarını bilmek ister misiniz? AI Isı Haritasi size bunu söyleyecek. Dönüşümler için optimize etmek için bir görsel yükleyin.

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Generate heatmaps instantly

Stop uploading screenshots. Build your website with Zyro and get heatmaps at a click of a button. Make instant design decisions that improve the user experience and maximize your conversions.

Build a website

Discover what gets your visitors buying

  1. Increase conversions

    Take the guesswork out of call-to-action button placement. Use the website heatmap tool and real data to find exactly where the buttons should go to maximize conversions.

  2. Predict behavior

    Before anyone even visits your website, you can predict their preferences and know how they will behave while browsing. Sway their buying decisions your way.

  3. Design a better website

    There is no need to conduct long-term A/B tests. Make a design change, run it by the heatmap tool, and improve your website and its user experience. It’ll take you minutes, not months.

How does the AI Heatmap work?

  • Use the website heatmap tool to accurately predict how visitors see and navigate on a web page, and what they focus on the most.

  • Heat maps allow you, the website owner, to arrange the elements of your website in a way that maximizes conversions. In other words, you can see exactly where your main call to action should go – the bull’s eye of your visitors’ attention.

  • You can also use the AI Heatmap tool from within the Zyro builder. Immediately optimize your website or online store as you’re building it – with a little help from AI Heatmap.

Zyro’s AI Heatmap FAQs

  • What is a heatmapping tool?

    Zyro’s AI Heatmap is one of the AI-powered analytics tools that can help you understand how a web page looks like to your visitors. In other words, it helps you understand what your visitors will be paying attention to the most.

    Thanks to heat mapping, you can optimize your web pages based on real data. You will know where the visitors will be clicking, which sections they’ll be scrolling through, and which parts of a page they’ll ignore completely.

  • How do i create a heatmap for my website?

    Get started by uploading an image of your chosen web page to AI Heatmap (above). After the tool has finished its analysis, you will be able to see the generated report.

  • How do you read a heatmap?

    Heatmaps provide a color-coded visualization of the web elements that get most and least interacted with.

    Usually, the most interacted parts of your pages are represented as ‘red-hot’ areas and those that get the least interactions as ‘blue/cold’ areas.

  • What is heatmap analysis?

    Heatmap analysis is the process of using a heatmap report to understand which sections of your web pages are interacted with the most and the least.

    Together with other tools like Google Analytics, you can understand how different types of traffic interact with different web elements on your pages.

    Heatmap analysis is the perfect way to take your AI Heatmap findings and really make them work to your advantage.

  • When should you use a heatmap?

    You should be using heatmaps regularly as part of auditing and optimizing your site.

    Use heatmaps when you change the web design or content, or add a brand new page. This way you can offer your visitors the best user experience and back your decisions up with data.