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Buy a Domain Name

Your online success starts with a perfect domain name

Want to set your business up for success? Start your online journey with a memorable domain name.


Choosing the right domain: 6 tips

  1. 1. Keep it simple

    Avoid hyphens, numbers, and hard to spell domain names. They will only make your domain harder to remember and say out loud.

  2. 2. Make it recognizable

    Make your domain short and closely related to your brand. It will make it more likely to stick in the minds of your customers.

  3. 3. Keep optimize

    Use niche-specific keywords to show people what your website is all about and boost your search engine rankings at the same time.

  4. 4. Tailor to your audience

    What will resonate with your visitors the most? Consider a country domain for a site that is aimed at a specific market.

  5. 5. Speed matters

    Great domain names don’t stay available for long. Register a domain name today and you can always sell it for profit later.

  6. 6. Get ideas for your domain name

    Stumped and out of ideas? Check out Zyro’s domain name generator . Your ideal web address is just a click away.

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Domain name FAQs

  • Websites are identified by a unique string of numbers called an IP address. However, a domain name changes that IP address into something more memorable, which can also be entered into a web browser address bar.For instance, Zyro’s domain name is The suffix – .com – is called a top level domain, or TLD for short.A domain name is not the same as a URL. A URL points to a particular page or part of a website, such as of the time, companies choose their brand name as their domain name, but you don’t have to. However, since you will probably use your domain name in your business email address, it would make sense if the domain matches or closely resembles your brand.