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Start a blog

Share your ideas with the world, engage your visitors, and increase your traffic.

Start a blog

Launch a blog

Here’s how to launch a successful blog in 6 easy steps.

1. Choose the perfect template

Zyro features dozens of designer-crafted templates , each SEO-optimized and packed with features. Your blog won’t just be beautiful, but fully functional too.

Whatever style of blog you want – clean minimalism, feature-rich professional designs, or modern image-heavy layouts – you’ll find a Zyro blog template that's right for you.

2. Customize the look

Use Zyro's intuitive drag-and-drop editor to make the website your own. Add, edit, or remove sections, and find the right images using the free library of 1+ million files.

Make every element pixel-perfect with the in-built grid system. Whenever you add an element – a text box, image, or a form – it will align perfectly. Simply drag and drop the elements and they will snap right into place.

3. Add a blog

When you're happy with the look of your website, it's time to add a blog to it. Simply open your website in the Zyro editor, click on the Blog symbol on the right-hand toolbar, and select Start a Blog.

You'll now have a blog page on your website. You can set it as your homepage or keep it as a sub-page. When you add a blog to any Zyro template, it is automatically styled to match the look and feel of the rest of your website.

4. Write your first post

It's time to get creative and start blogging. Hit Add new post , and you'll be taken to the blog editor with a blank page, ready for you to add a title and write your first blog post. You can paste text you've written elsewhere or write straight in the editor.

In Post settings , you can choose to display or hide information like the date of publishing, category, author name, and reading time, and you can choose whether or not to display the author's avatar.

5. Publish and go live

Your new posts are automatically saved as drafts on your Zyro website. When you're ready to publish, all you need to do is click Publish post

Now that your new blog looks exactly how you want it to look, you’re ready to share it with the world. Going online takes one click of a button. No technical setup or configurations are needed when you use Zyro.

6. Grow your audience

You now have a professional-looking blog up and running, and your first posts published. Share a link to your blog post to spread the word, or use Zyro's marketing tools to reach a bigger audience.

Zyro can improve your SEO to get found in search results, help you run advertising campaigns across all digital channels, and give you rich user data to help you understand what your readers love (and what they don't).

Zyro’s blogging tools

Drag-and-drop editor

As with the rest of your site, you can easily edit your blog posts with Zyro's drag-and-drop editor. Everything will be perfectly aligned thanks to the intuitive grid system.

Share images

You can add images straight into your blog posts, making it easy to illustrate your thoughts or share important photos. If you need stock images, access over a million of them for free.

Post descriptions

Tell your readers what your blog posts are about before they read them with detailed blog post descriptions. These also help improve your search engine rankings.

Create links

It's quick and easy to add links to any text within your blog posts. You can either link to other areas of your blog, or direct readers to other websites.

Live blog previews

Ensure your blog post looks great before you publish it. You can see what your posts will look like both on desktop and on mobile.

Add categories

Help your readers find the content they're looking for by storing each of your blog posts under a category. You can add new categories whenever you need them.

Seo tools

SEO is a great way to find new readers and Zyro takes SEO seriously. You'll have help making sure that all your blog posts are SEO-friendly and ready to be found by the right readers.

Custom rich text

Our custom rich text editor makes editing and formatting easy, so you can pour all your effort and energy into content creation instead.

Custom Urls

Add a custom URL to all your blog posts. Not only does this help make your website look more professional, but it also helps search engines find you.

Set your blog up for success

A streamlined setup process means that you’ll have your blog set up and ready for publishing in just a few minutes. Build and grow your website – we’ll take care of the rest.

Get a custom domain

Getting a custom domain will help visitors remember your brand easier, improve SEO, and give you more monetization opportunities.

Mobile responsive

Zyro websites are built with responsive design in mind. Desktop, tablet, or smartphone – your blog will look great on all of them.


You create, we optimize. All blogs created with Zyro are designed for SEO and allow for easy metadata customization.

Quick and easy blogging

With our intuitive drag-and-drop builder and a library of beautiful templates, starting a blog is only a few clicks away.

Turn your blog into a brand

  1. Generate blog titles

    Let our AI-driven Blog Title Generator come up with endless blog topics for you, instantly.

    Generate blog titles
  2. Premium domain names

    Get a memorable address for your blog with a unique domain . There are loads of great options up for grabs.

    Buy a domain name
  3. Business name generator

    Launch your blog with a professional name that distinguishes you from your competitors.

    Generate business name
  4. Professional logo maker

    Tell your readers what your blog is all about with a beautiful logo. No design skills required.

    Get free logo
  5. Ai-powered content generator

    Use Zyro’s AI-powered content generator to add unique content to your blog, for free.

    Generate content

Start a blog - FAQ

  • With Zyro, you can have your own blog in just a few minutes. You just need to join Zyro, tweak one of the built-in templates, and publish your blog. After adding your first blog posts, you are ready to show your blog off to the world.
  • First, decide what you want to blog about. You can discuss your hobbies, business, or projects. Either way, writing about something you love will help you create content in a more consistent way.Then, create a Zyro account and select a template from the template library. It could be tempting to launch right away, but don’t forget to customize it.Spend some time thinking about the design of your blog. Change the colors, add missing elements, and organize your pages to fit your brand style. First impressions matter.Make sure to promote your blog via social media channels and work on your SEO. If you want readers, you must work at being seen.
  • A blog is a type of website that has regularly updated content that is displayed in reverse chronological order. Bloggers write about topics based on the niche of their website.A blog can be managed by individuals, teams, and businesses. The writing tone is usually casual and you can often find a comment section where readers can discuss topics with one another.Meanwhile, a website is an online collection of interconnected pages, which contain various multimedia files. However, the content is updated less frequently than a blog and is usually static.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot create a blog completely for free. However, our cheapest plan costs just $1.30 and gives you all of the perks of having a premium website.All of Zyro's blogging tools will then be available to you without any additional charges, so there should be nothing holding you back.
  • Yes. There are many ways you can monetize your blog, such as displaying ads, joining an affiliate program, or selling your own products or services.There are also other interesting options, like creating paid membership programs and promoting your skills as a freelancer. If you own a business, your blog can act as a content marketing tool to drive organic traffic and increase your bottom line too.If you want to sell products or services on your Zyro blog, you can add an eCommerce store in minutes.