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Looking for a Wix Alternative? Try Zyro

Get a cheaper website with more storage, more bandwidth and no ads on any of our plans. It’s what makes Zyro a great alternative to Wix.

Why zyro?

What is Zyro?

Zyro is a lightning-fast website builder. Looking for the best Wix alternatives? You’re already here. More bandwidth, more storage, faster websites, and the best support – this is Zyro.


Sell everywhere

Zyro eCommerce websites are packed with powerful business tools. Build your online store in minutes and start selling now.


Real people, real customer support

Zyro’s friendly customer support team is live 24/7. If you have a question, we have the answers. There’s no question too big and no problem too small, we’re always here to help.


SEO optimised

Rank higher and get noticed online with a Zyro website. Every Zyro template is SEO optimized and built for speed to help get your site on to Google’s first page.


No ads anywhere, ever

Zyro website builder plans will never show ads. We’re dedicated to putting the customer experience first, that’s why we’re one of the best Wix alternatives.

Zyro vs Wix

Why is Zyro the best alternative to Wix? You already know about the price, so we prefer to let the features speak for themselves.

Combo plan

Basic plan

Price per month









SSL security

Free stock image library

No service ads

Google Analytics

SEO tools

Facebook Messenger Live

Custom domain

Business name generator

Slogan generator

Try Zyro

    Why Zyro?

  • Set up in seconds

    With Zyro, it only takes one click. Our drag-and-drop editor is built to make website design as simple as possible. We create advanced features that even a beginner with no web design knowledge can use.

    A drag and drop website builder lets you snap the elements you want into place in seconds. It’s simple to create a website, and it's what makes Zyro one of the best alternatives to Wix. Get a pixel-perfect site in a matter of moments.

  • Make more, pay less

    Every Zyro site comes at an unbeatable price. Starting at just £2.20 per month, your blog, portfolio, wedding site, or anything else will be ad-free, enjoy a custom domain name, and benefit from unlimited storage and bandwidth.

    If you’re looking for online stores, it’s an even better deal. Zyro’s eCommerce solution is one the most affordable on the market. We think that fair pricing means more profit for your website, whether it is an online store or an eCommerce alternative like affiliate commission based website.

  • Get online, get noticed

    Zyro website templates are built for SEO. That means your site or online store can rank higher with Zyro than with other website builders.

    A Wix site or online store takes longer to make. Wix, and Wix alternatives like Weebly and WordPress need coding knowledge to be successful. Zyro website builder is designed to get your site and online stores noticed on Google from day one.

  • More storage, better bandwidth

    Your website needs content and that needs storage. If you want your visitors to see your content fast, you need more bandwidth. Whether it’s a new logo for your business, fresh features, images or videos, Zyro’s website building solution has space for it all.

    It’s part of what makes Zyro one of the best Wix alternatives, and better than competitors like Weebly and WordPress too. There’s ultimate freedom in features and design flexibility, and it’s always fast too.

What is the best website builder for beginners?

Drag and drop builder

Ease-of-use is a priority at Zyro. Our intuitive grid system lets you drag-and-drop the features you need to build a website in seconds. The intuitive software on our platform delivers stunning websites and eCommerce sites in just a few clicks.

Need a new logo for your business? Drop it into place, in one step. Zyro’s platform offers high end features without compromising design flexibility. Competitors like Wix, Weebly, and WordPress offer plenty of control too, but as a beginner the learning curve is steep.

Powerful integrations, artificial intelligence

Zyro features will transform your website into a powerful online marketing channel. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixel, Hotjar, and more will optimize your website to maximize conversions.

AI features like our content generator, slogan generator, and heatmap will bring more traffic to your website and grow your business. All of our features are free with or without a Zyro website plan. You won’t find that customer commitment on other website builders.

No ads on any plan

Zyro puts the customer first – every time. Our Website plan with unbeatable pricing is ad-free. Nothing makes websites or eCommerce stores for business look less professional than ads.

If you choose a basic plan on Wix, all of your hard work on the site builder will be surrounded by ads. That’s bad for business. At Zyro, we’re proud of the features we create, and at just £2.20 per month, you deserve to let them shine.

Frequently asked questions

  • It is possible to have a free Wix website. Wix has a basic plan that allows you to make a website that displays ads on every page that can’t be removed unless you pay even more.Just like WordPress, Weebly, or Webstarts, where it is technically possible to have a free website, Wix offers a free plan. And, just like WordPress and Weebly, those basic plans come with very basic features.The ‘Basic’ plan is built on Wix software but with very limited access to all the features that make the Wix platform famous. There is no free eCommerce builder either, which means no free eCommerce site.At Zyro, all our plans are premium plans because they offer a premium service at an affordable price. You’ll even get free hosting and a custom domain name with our yearly plans.
  • Wix is the platform that seemingly has it all. It’s why many businesses choose it, but often, businesses hire a web developer to build a Wix website for them.It’s because it is a complex platform, similar to WordPress. We believe that the purpose of a website builder is to make a website accessible to anybody.Zyro will get you online, with everything you need, in moments without making things difficult. Our content management system puts everything you need in one place, and in just a few clicks, your website will be live on our network and ready to be found on Google.At Zyro, we believe that success doesn’t need to be complex.
  • Wix is an excellent eCommerce platform, but just like WordPress and other content management systems, it comes with a big price tag.Zyro’s most powerful Advanced Store plan is less than half the price with all the same functionality.That means unlimited products, remarketing opportunities, abandoned cart recovery, an Instagram store, and a Facebook shop. We’ll even put your products on Amazon for maximum visibility and sales opportunities.
  • In general, the search engine optimization on Wix’s websites are fit for the purposes of the majority of websites.One thing to be aware of is that due to the extremely large and complex customization options available on this platform, many regular users might find that making changes to their website can actually do more harm than good to their search engine optimization efforts.It’s part of what makes platforms like Wix and WordPress difficult to recommend unless you are a search engine optimization expert. There are simply too many options.Zyro focuses on creating beautiful templates that work smoothly and load fast. It’s a huge part of great search engine optimization and it will make your website rank higher on Google automatically.We know that search engine optimization is difficult and that’s why we let our expert developers take care of it, so that you can take advantage of more opportunities for less effort.
  • Generally, it is safe to use. Like most website builders, such as Squarespace, or WordPress, websites come with SSL encryption built in.Do your research. It is true that the platform has suffered serious data leaks in the past and it is possible that your personal information had been compromised and is no longer secure if you have used Wix in the past.If you are concerned, then don’t worry, as switching your website from Wix to Zyro couldn’t be easier. Zyro’s AI Website Importer will do it all for you in mere moments. Still, you need to remember to create new passwords when you do make the switch.