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Website Importer – The Fastest Way to Get Yourself a Beautiful Website

Import text and images from your existing website to Zyro. Arrange them on a designer-made template and click Publish – that’s all.

  • Import your website

    Transfer your entire website and all its content over to the Zyro website builder.

  • Perfect your design

    Easily drag and drop your text and images to your new website.

  • Get new features

    You’ll be able to add and use Zyro’s powerful features and tools too.

How to import your website

Importing your website gives you access to a whole new website builder, without losing any of your content.

Pop up windows

1. Choose a website

If you have a website on another website builder like Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, or Weebly, you can transfer it to Zyro.

Simply paste the URL into the Zyro Website Importer to begin the process.

2. Import it

Hit Import . All the content from your website, including text and images will be imported.

All the content from your website, including text, buttons, images, and videos will be imported. Zyro even matches the positioning of elements on the page.

3. Drag and drop content

Take a look at the content to make sure that everything was imported correctly.

Use Zyro’s drag-and-drop editor to place your content on any designer-made template that you like.

4. Add new features and elements

Once your website has been imported into the Zyro website builder, you’ll get access to a whole bunch of new features.

You can add new elements to the page by clicking on Add section , and can take advantage of Zyro’s SEO, marketing, and eCommerce tools.

5. Hit Publish to get your website live

Once you’re happy that your imported website looks how you want it to, click Publish and your website will be live for all to see.

If you want to keep the same domain name, you can connect a domain to your new Zyro website. It’s easy.

Connect the perfect domain

Already have a domain name?

If you want to keep the same domain name, you can connect a domain to your new Zyro website. It’s easy.

Need a new domain name?

If you want a sparkling new domain name, we can help you out there too. Search for a domain you want and we’ll register it for you. Enjoy a year of free registration and affordable renewals.

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Things are just better with Zyro

  • Only pay for what you need

    Don’t pay for features you don’t use. Zyro offers different price plans for different needs. Use a free website for as long as you need, and upgrade to a paid plan when you want more features.

  • No hard work

    Zyro is designed to make your life easier. All of its tools are user-friendly and its grid-based drag-and-drop makes website design simple. Spend more time on actually growing your business.

  • Incredible marketing tools

    Attract customers, increase revenue, and improve your website. From optimizing your website for search engines, to running adds across platforms like Google and Facebook, we’ve got you covered.

  • Ecommerce ready

    Dream of launching an online store? It’s easy with Zyro. You can set up your store in very little time. Use powerful eCommerce tools to reach new audiences and boost your revenue.

  • Supported by AI

    AI makes your life simple. Zyro lets you craft your brand identity with the help of artificial intelligence. Get help creating anything from unique SEO-friendly copy to stunning logos.

  • Here to help 24/7/365

    No problem is too big or small. Got stuck designing your website? An issue with your online store? Don’t worry, as Zyro’s helpful support agents are ready to assist you, whenever you need it.