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Create the perfect experience for your guests, starting with the perfect event website.

Event websites made easy

The event planner's best friend

Whether you're organizing a wedding, conference or festival, you'll find an event site template to suit your plans.

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Time saving

The big day is coming soon

Delivering an event is time consuming, but using Zyro's event website builder makes the task of getting your event online easy and intuitive.

Track attendees

No more guesswork

Zyro offers tools to help you with ticket sales, sending email invitations, collecting RSVPs, and setting up an event registration form.

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How to create an event website with Zyro

We've made it incredibly easy to get an event website.

  1. 1. Sign in or join Zyro

    Registration requires no credit or debit cards.

  2. 2. Find your template

    We've got hundreds of designs to choose from.

  3. 3. Make it your own

    Design your site how you like, and load up on event management software.

  4. 4. Publish your website

    Let your guests find you online.

  5. 5. Use Zyro's pro tools

    Consider upgrading to a premium plan for even more customization options.

A website for events big and small

  1. Ticketed show

    Whether you're charging for your event or running free ticketing, you can manage it all through your website.

  2. Private party

    Share your music online and spread it far and wide. Start a website and make memories.

  3. Business event

    Make the right impression when organizing conferences or product launches.

Event website FAQs

  • What is an event website?

    An event website is an ideal place to publicize an upcoming event, let attendees know all the information they'll need ahead of time, and build a buzz around your event.

    With Zyro, you're able to build great looking websites for events big and small, whether you're having a one-off private party, or launching an international event.

  • Where can I post events online?

    There are plenty of social media websites (like Facebook) and ticket platforms (like Eventbrite) that allow you to post about your upcoming event.

    Yet, it's worth taking the time to create an event website specific to your needs.

    Launching your own event website lets you take total creative control over how you present your event.

  • What should be included in your event website?

    Once you've found the perfect domain name , you want to make sure that your home page presents your event to meet your guests expectations.

    This means designing it to match your event branding, and ensuring you have everything in place to manage your event ahead of time.

    For example, one thing you might consider is whether the event will be ticketed, in which case you'll want to find a place for a ticket sales tool.

  • How do you create a temporary website?

    You won’t get sucked into a long-term contract when you join Zyro.

    Even if you only need your Zyro website for one month, you can find a plan which means you'll just pay for what you need.

Let the world know about your event. Build a website today.

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