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30 Best Items to Dropship in 2022

Looking for a way to run your own online store without having to manage a warehouse full of stock? 

Believe it or not, running a dropshipping business makes it possible to have an eCommerce store but never worry about the fulfillment and shipping side of things. 

It’s the perfect low-cost alternative to selling your own products, as you can get started with any white-label products of your choice. 

And to make your life easier, we’ve identified 30 profitable dropshipping niches that ensure that you can start your dropshipping business today. 

Are you ready to take your dropshipping business to the next level? 

These are some of the most profitable dropshipping niches that are trending right now. 

Health and beauty

The global cosmetics market is worth nearly $100 billion – and experts expect it to only grow bigger in the coming years. 

Basing your dropshipping niche around health and beauty products is a foolproof way to start selling products with high demand and high search interest.   

1. Face roller and gua sha scraper set

Face rollers displayed on Google Trends
Source: Google Trends

When it comes to dropshipping products, face rollers and facial gua sha scrapers have a few things going for them. 

Both items are easy to market since they are easy and safe to use, no matter your age or skin type. Many dropshipping suppliers sell face rollers and gua sha scrapers as a set, meaning that you’ll be able to secure a solid price per unit. 

Since both products are more complimentary items to anyone’s skincare routine, people usually seek to buy these items to elevate their everyday routines and add a touch of luxury and relaxation to an otherwise mundane Wednesday evening.  

Average unit price: $2-$4 per unit

Supplier example: AliExpress

Marketing tip: Focus on highlighting how these products can be easily added to any beauty regime and can be used together with scented candles and a curated playlist to create a true home spa atmosphere. 

2. Muscle massage gun

Muscle massage guns Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Looking for dropshipping products for your sports store? Aside from the usual suspects (we’re looking your way, hot and cold gel), consider adding a muscle massage gun to your inventory. 

According to Google Trends, there’s been a steady upward trend in search volume for this specific niche in the past couple of years. 

And no wonder. Muscle massage guns are popular both among athletes and anyone experiencing joint and muscle pain. 

If you’re looking for a dropshipping product that steers away from a saturated market, muscle massage guns could be just the thing for your online store. 

Average unit price: $30-$60 per unit

Supplier example: AliExpress

Marketing tip: If you want to serve a global market, it’s worth investing in quality products from the beginning. Find dropshipping suppliers with who you can build a long-term business relationship. 

3. Face masks

Face masks Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

If the covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that it’s pretty normal to wear a surgical mask out in public. 

But if you’re looking to set up a dropshipping store, face masks could be part of a profitable business model. As it’s one of those dropshipping products that are sold in bulk for a very low price point per unit, you can have a considerable markup. 

Remember to do your market research: ideally, you want your dropshipping products to stand out from the crowd. Think about creating new designs for your masks, or look at manufacturers that produce anti-fog masks or masks for kids. 

Average unit price: $0.01-$0.04 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Consider stocking products with quirky designs or features your target audience would appreciate, like masks made especially for people wearing glasses.  

4. Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitor Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Populations across the globe are aging, meaning that health monitoring tools have seen an upward, stable trend on search engines for some time. 

Blood pressure monitors could well be one of the most profitable dropshipping products. It’s one of the best dropshipping niches as it serves a wide audience, is almost universally needed, and can be produced at a reasonable price. 

In order to run a successful business dropshipping blood pressure monitors, consider offering a range of different colors and designs, and other related accessories in your dropshipping store. 

Average unit price: $7-$10 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Stock related accessories, like storage bags and replacement parts, to gain more repeat customers. 

Home fitness equipment

People lead busy lives, and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to travel to a gym to get your fitness fix.

The overall sports equipment market is expected to surpass $145 million by 2023, so there’s no better time to get your slice of the fitness cake.  

5. Resistance bands

Resistance bands Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Oh, how we love the humble resistance band. 

It’s one of those dropshipping products that are versatile no matter how you look at them. They can be marketed to physiotherapists, sports academies, single athletes, or anyone looking for a cheap and. 

With various different designs, it’s a dropshipping niche we recommend for anyone who wants to start selling sports goods online. 

Average unit price: $4-$6 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: For a better average order value, consider adding other sports-related items, like supplements and workout bags, to your store.

6. Yoga mat

Yoga mats Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Sure, if you check Google Trends, you can see that yoga mats were having a true moment at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. 

But if you do your market research and look at the Google Trends data carefully, you can see that the search queries have been steadily increasing for the past few years. 

What makes yoga mats winning products when it comes to running a dropshipping store lies in the product’s versatility. 

Naturally, those who practice yoga will need one, but it lends itself to many other types of indoor exercise, too, opening up different markets to your business. 

Average unit price: $2-$5 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Explore stock images available for you – ideally, you want to show potential customers the best sides of your dropshipping items, so don’t just settle for the first image you come across. 

7. Ab roller

Ab roller Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Running an online fitness store?

Looking for a dropshipping product that your customers connect to? 

Consider adding ab rollers to your product line. Being very affordable to manufacture, they are one of the best drop-shipping products to sell if you’re looking for products with a high markup possibility. 

Average unit price: $2-$4 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Make sure your customers get the most out of their purchase by offering a free webinar sharing top tips and tricks for orders over a certain threshold. 

8. 1-gallon water bottle

Gallon water bottle Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

It’s important to stay hydrated, and the chances are that if you want to sell to a fitness crowd, they will love huge water bottles. 

A quick look at Google Trends makes it clear that when it comes to water bottles, bigger is better. 

Since basic water bottles are easy to make, you can choose from a wide variety of different materials and designs – without breaking the bank. 

Average unit price: $2-$4 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Bottles pair up beautifully with post-workout shakes, electrolyte powders, and other sports nutrition products. 

Home decor and accessories

A great way to get potential customers turned into repeat purchases for your dropshipping store is to focus on home decor and interior design accessories.  

These dropshipping products are easy to come by, customize and market, and the world is basically your oyster when it comes to picking a particular dropshipping niche. 

9. Laundry basket

Laundry basket Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Here’s a dropshipping product for those who want to sell products that are, first and foremost, useful. 

Boasting a steady, high search interest based on Google Trends, it’s safe to say that his one’s one of those dropshipping niches that will stand the test of time. After all, it’s guaranteed that people have laundry to do every week. 

Whether you base your dropshipping store around all things laundry, or simply add laundry baskets to your inventory, consider doing some market research. Find out what’s happening in the world of interior design trends before you settle on your dropshipping products. 

Average unit price: $5-$7 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Try to use product photography that includes other related products, and pair your laundry baskets with other lifestyle products for a higher order value. 

10. Alarm clock

Alarm clock Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

There are some dropshipping products to sell to a small niche market and some that can cater to a wide audience. Alarm clocks are one of those products. 

Many dropshipping stores and manufacturers alike offer a wide range of alarm clocks with different patterns and features, and no wonder. The humble alarm clock is relatively cheap to put together and modify when needed. Talk about a versatile dropshipping product. 

From an eCommerce website point of view, alarm clocks work well for various sales channels and can be the base of your brand store, or a simple add-on product to complement your overall product line. 

Average unit price: $7-$9 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Think about your ideal customer and the features that would work best for them before you settle on your supplier. 

11. Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

If you’re running an online business focusing on home accessories, consider adding a bathroom product line to your store. 

Draw inspiration from online mood boards like Pinterest to identify the best dropshipping niches that suit your brand and marketing strategy. 

Average unit price: $7-$9 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Create content around topics like ‘how to create a home spa’ and ‘budget-friendly bathroom swaps’ to build topical authority in your niche. 

12. Full body mirror

Full body mirror Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Mirrors are easy dropshipping products to sell for a couple of reasons. 

First off, according to Google Trends, full-body mirrors have had a steady market demand for years now, regardless of the time of the year. 

Secondly, since the product itself is easily modifiable, depending on your market research and overall target audience, you can pick products that suit your eCommerce business perfectly. 

Sure, the mirror might not be the best dropshipping product for repeat purchases (recurring revenue from previous customers), but by pairing them up with other lifestyle products, you can easily increase your average order value.

Average unit price: $17-$20 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Consider including close-ups of the different details of your products in your product listings. This way, potential buyers get a clear idea of what they get when they do business with you. 

Garden and kitchen

Browse through any online marketplace, and you’re bound to find a vast selection of different gadgets for the kitchen and tools for your garden. 

As far as trending products and business ideas go, gardens and kitchens are having a moment. If you’re looking for dropshipping products to sell, it’s a niche worth checking out. 

13. Food storage containers

Food storage containers Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Consumers have never been as environmentally-conscious before, and that’s good news for online sellers stocking food storage containers. 

Not only is it economical to store leftovers and bring packed lunches to school and work, but there are also certain health benefits to homecooked meals compared to store-bought or fast foods. 

Use the ecological, health, and financial angles in your marketing, and before you know it, your social media channels will do the heavy lifting for you. 

Average unit price: $1-$8 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Create digital resources, like meal planners and recipe books to complement your storage container product line. 

14. Outdoor LED lights

Outdoor LED lights Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

If the pandemic taught us anything, most people started to appreciate their surroundings more, including any outdoor spaces in their homes.

Thanks to this, it’s evident on Google Trends that outdoor lighting is having a moment. From dozens and dozens of different designs to pick from, outdoor LED lighting is not just for Christmas. 

With some clever marketing campaigns, you can have a viable business specializing in dropshipping outdoor lighting around the year. 

Average unit price: $3-$5 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Make sure to be clear about the power outlets or batteries your products use to avoid any misunderstandings post-purchase. 

15. Charcuterie board

Charcuterie board Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Looking for a dropshipping product or two to base a luxury brand? Consider giving the charcuterie board a go. 

Depending on the type of board you go with, you can expect high markups and profitability from this dropshipping product. Or better yet, offer customers a couple of options when it comes to available accessories and finishes – with a premium, of course. 

If you’re already looking at serving the middle-class market, a charcuterie board is a must-have for your brand.

Average unit price: $6-$10 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Think about partnering up with influencers or hosting a Q&A session on your own social media, answering all the questions your audience may have about your product.

16. Flowerpots

Flowerpot Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

If you want to pick a product that comes in many shapes and sizes, take a look at the trusty flowerpot. 

With almost unlimited designs, materials, and uses to choose from, this inexpensive product has been steadily trending on Google Trends in the past few years. 

It’s a great product addition to an eCommerce store selling interior design items, or specializing in gardening full-time.  

Average unit price: $1-$3 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Offer flower planting guides for repeat orders or seasonal designs to encourage sales all year round.  

Pet supplies

Pet owners are a massive target audience who are willing to spend money online shopping. 

17. Dog bed

Dog bed Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Furry friends need a comfortable place to sleep, too. 

And lucky for you, there are plenty of suppliers to choose from when it comes to dropshipping dog beds.

Depending on your target market, you can pick different types of beds to feature in your eCommerce store. 

Average unit price: $2-$20 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Get brand ambassadors to leave raving reviews of your products on social media and on your website to build customer trust. 

18. Cat litter box

Cat litter box Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

When it comes to litter boxes, cat owners are ready to spend on a quality unit that delivers on its promises. 

As a necessary commodity for most cat households, litter boxes are a highly profitable dropshipping product with a dedicated audience. 

With an abundance of suppliers out there, think about what makes your products special. Do you offer customers unique designs, or maybe added functionality, like automated doors? 

Average unit price: $60-$90 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Consider stocking one or two high-end products in your store and a few starter-level items for smaller budgets. 

19. Poop bag holder

Poop bag holders Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

All urban dog owners need to carry poop bags with them, so why not make their lives easier with a dedicated poop bag holder? 

According to Google Trends, these nifty little accessories have been growing in popularity over the last few years. 

Cheap to purchase and easy to mark up, this is a product that’s bound to be a profitable success for any pet-related eCommerce business. 

Average unit price: $1-$2 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Pair your product with other accessories, like leashes and collars, and sell them at a discounted package deal. 


When it comes to dropshipping products to sell online, baby products are in as high demand as ever. 

20. Breast pump

Breast Pump Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Sometimes the ordinary and common items are the ones that make and keep businesses profitable. 

If you dream of running a babycare store online, consider including breast pumps in your product line. 

While breast pumps aren’t an item that can be purchased for next to no money, they can still be profitable when positioned correctly among the other products in your store. 

For example, you could offer designs and colors that your competitors don’t stock, or opt for a model that has special features or accessories attached to it. 

Average unit price: $25-$30 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Think about including a video of the product in your product listing, showcasing the product from all angles. 

21. Diaper bag

Diaper bag Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Here’s a product that all parents will need and that will definitely sell. 

A quick look at Google Trends makes it clear that diaper bags are always in demand, no matter the season. 

When it comes to stocking diaper bags, make sure you know your audience. Will they look for fashionable prints, or are they more on the functional side, looking for extra space for other baby items? 

Average unit price: $7-$9 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Look for suppliers who can stock different sizes and designs of the same core product to keep your costs down. 

22. Baby carrier

Baby carrier Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that there are times when they wish they had more hands, quite literally. 

Do your bit and consider stocking baby carriers in your online shop. Being another item that’s cheap to make and easy to mark up, you can choose from various different suppliers depending on your needs. 

If you’re looking for a new item to add to your store, baby carriers could be just the thing. 

Average unit price: $6-$11 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Encourage buyers to leave honest testimonials and feedback on your product. This way, you’ll know if you need to change suppliers at any point or consider adding products with different features to your store. 


Looking for a foolproof way to get the attention of potential customers? 

Gadgets of all shapes and sizes show search interest year after year and are by far some of the best-selling dropshipping products out there. 

From digital devices to blue light glasses and beyond, these trending products are bound to put you on the map. 

23. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

With more and more people working remotely or from hybrid office spaces, focus has become a valuable commodity. 

Noise-cancelling headphones can be your store’s solution to users’ focus problems. 

Like with many tech pieces, electronics can be highly profitable and easy products to dropship. Simply pick the supplier that manufactures the type of headphones that suit your market. 

Average unit price: $6-$15 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Offer related accessories, like cases, at the checkout when users are about to purchase the product. 

24. Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds Google Trends
Source: Google Trends

Wires are so 2006, right? 

One foolproof way to keep your dropshipping store relevant is to stock Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. 

Since many can’t afford the expensive brand names, you could look for affordable suppliers with high-quality products and cater to the low and mid-markets, instead. 

Average unit price: $2-$5 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Consider stocking colorful case designs and products with additional features, like voice assistant support.  

25. Portable speaker

Portable speakers Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Much like how blue light glasses have become the norm, many people expect speakers to be both wireless and portable. 

As luck would have it, the manufacturing costs of many electronics have come down considerably in the last few years, making it possible to dropship things like portable speakers and make a profit. 

Remember to ask for samples before you start a big marketing campaign for your new speaker line – this way, you can be sure the product works as it should. 

Average unit price: $5-$10 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Create a social media campaign with a focus on how your product is used and how it works in real life.

26. Phone cases

Phone case Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Phone cases probably never go out of style, so why not stock them in your dropshipping store? 

Considered a product with high sales volumes and equally high profit margins, phone cases make a case for all electronics stores. 

If you want to cater to a particular niche, think about specializing in a particular mobile phone brand (say, Samsung or Apple) or create themed categories based on movies or other pop culture phenomena. 

Average unit price: $2-$3 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Opt for environmentally-conscious suppliers producing products that are biodegradable or offer custom printing for a truly unique design. 

Lifestyle accessories

When it comes to dropshipping products to sell, Google Trends has long proven that the lifestyle niche is both popular and profitable. 

27. Reusable shopping bag

Reusable shopping bags Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

Looking for the winning dropshipping product to start your dropshipping journey with? 

Consider checking Google Trends for reusable shopping bags. Totes have been in and out of fashion multiple times, but the eco-conscious customers can’t get enough of this functional and practical product. 

Base your product selection around the other general themes of your store for maximum user experience. 

Average unit price: $0.50-$1 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Highlight things like where the materials for your totes are from (organic cotton, anyone?). 

28. Glasses case

Glasses case Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

With so many different eyewear products available, eyewear cases make a strong product addition to any lifestyle eCommerce business. 

Start by defining the type of products you want to stock. Cases for sunglasses and contact lenses differ a lot in price and overall appearance, after all. 

Consider also adding items like wet wipes and other eyewear care accessories to your inventory – this way, you can offer product packages for a better price but sell more units overall. 

Average unit price: $1-$2 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Create content around your niche – give users a reason to stay longer in your store and learn more about how to best look after their glasses. 

29. Key chain

Key chain Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

While many smart locks operate with touchpads and smartphones, people still carry keys around and want to show their individuality. 

Especially if your eCommerce store is already based around a particular theme (a pop culture subculture or another niche, for example), key chains can be a cheap and profitable way to boost your sales.  

Remember to order samples from your favorite suppliers to be sure that no corners are cut when it comes to the product quality overall. 

Average unit price: $0.5-$1 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Don’t go overboard with the different products available in your store: focus on a strong niche, instead, and a higher markup. 

30. Travel case

Travel case Google Trends report
Source: Google Trends

People want to travel, and they want to do it in style. 

Help them by offering reasonable prices on travel cases and related accessories. 

With multiple suppliers available worldwide, it’s easy to look for dropshipping products that suit your brand and target market. 

Create a list of ‘must-have’ features and start narrowing down different manufacturers accordingly. 

Average unit price: $7-$9 per unit

Supplier example: Alibaba

Marketing tip: Focus on dropshipping sturdy and high-quality items that last, and you can afford to add a decent markup to your products from the start. 

How to find the best dropshipping products to sell online

With so many trending dropshipping products out there, it can be difficult to choose the best dropshipping niches for your online store. 

That’s where various product research tools and strategies come in. Ideally, you should never choose your dropshipping products to sell based on personal interest. 

While it’s good to be interested in and knowledgeable about the field you’re planning to start dropshipping, you should always base your decisions on data, especially in the world of business. 

Get your business ideas off to a good start by conducting enough research. You want to understand which products are currently trending in your chosen niche or product category and whether the trending products also help to solve a problem the user might have. 

The winning dropshipping product should be a profitable one. Ideally, you want to have at least a 50% profit margin after you’ve covered all of your costs. 

That means that if it costs you $5 to buy a single unit of your product and another $5 to cover the costs for marketing, you should sell your product for at least $15 in order to make a profit, and not just cover your costs and break even. 

It’s also important that you frequently analyze your competition. By knowing what others are doing, you can uncover new trends and address demand at the right time. 

There’s also no shame in trialling out different products. The ideal dropshipping products should be unique, high in quality, and sitting at the right price point. Sometimes the same dropshipping product can be hugely different from one manufacturer to the next.

Tracking data on a computer screen

Product research tools

To get your research off the ground, we recommend using a selection of market and product research tools to maximize the number of customers who end up seeing your online store checkout firsthand.

Google Trends is by far one of the most popular market research tools. 

The concept is simple: you input various search terms and analyze how popular they are or were during a particular time period. 

Powered by the world’s most popular search engine, it’s easy to see why so many marketers frequently use Google Trends to understand and predict the up-and-coming market trends.  


SaleHoo is a market research platform that’s ideal for anyone selling on eBay or Amazon. 

SaleHoo’s research tools highlight how competitive different products are, help you compare different product ideas, and forecast trends, among other things. 

Complete with a learning platform, it’s a wonderful addition to any eBay or Amazon seller’s international selling tools arsenal. 


As online tools go, Thieve is your best friend if you’re using mainly suppliers from AliExpress. 

Helping you identify trending dropshipping products by using real user metrics, Thieve also offers premium image tools for top-notch product photography. 

The platform not only helps you sell products that are in but gives you the most flattering images to do so. A win-win for any dropshipper, if you ask us. 


If you’re using Aliexpress to sell online, you should check out AliShark. 

This market research tool helps you understand the top-selling products on Aliexpress, while also giving you in-depth information about your chosen products.

Alishark helps you see the bigger picture by offering data insights into different markets and even allows you to track how many times your product was added to a wishlist.  

Aria view of a marketplace

Online marketplaces

Sometimes, you don’t need to rely on third-party tools to do your research – sometimes, you just need to spend some time browsing online marketplaces and taking notes. 


You might not realize it, but eBay can be used for more than just dropshipping. 

By simply paying attention to the home page, the eager dropshipper will notice highlighted popular brands, shopping categories, and featured deals. 

The search feature, along with the sold unit numbers for the search results themselves, are both useful tools in determining which products are trending and which aren’t. 


Thanks to the ‘Hot products’ category, AliExpress can also be used for market research. 

Giving you a birds-eye view of the fastest-selling items of a given category, AliExpress makes it easy to see what the people are buying this very moment, connect with the right suppliers and benefit from the trends yourself. 

You can also follow the weekly top trending products, and gain deeper insights into passing fads and here-to-stay trends. 


Similar to the ‘Hot products’ feature on AliExpress, Amazon too makes it easy for merchants to see what’s trending in the marketplace. 

By browsing the homepage, it’s possible to see various product categories organized by purchase frequency, the total number of products sold, and country-specific best-sellers. 

The search function also makes it easy to see the total number of available products under a particular search query, giving you insights into which niches are popular and which have low search volumes in the first place. 

Person holding a phone with social media apps open

Social media channels

You shouldn’t doubt the power of social media when it comes to understanding market trends. 


Facebook is much more than just an advertising platform for businesses. 

By joining different groups and following other community and business pages, you’ll be able to feel the pulse of your target customers and read first-hand about their pain points and challenges. 

You could use Facebook to run customer surveys and gather more information about your ideal buyer, too, on top of just following what’s currently trending. 


While TikTok might be the new kid on the block, there’s no denying the purchasing power this social media app yields. 

From viral trends (like ‘TikTok made me buy it’) to challenges and social commentary, the site can provide great insights into trending products among younger target markets. 

Make use of the ‘Discover’ feature and the trending hashtags to uncover what the millions and millions of active users are currently gushing about. 


Instagram has become a huge external site for eCommerce, rivalling some of the biggest online marketplaces.

If you want to use the platform for market research for your dropshipping brand, keeping an eye on the top trending stories and reels is a great place to start. 

It’s also useful to search for hashtags related to your niche and your products. You might notice a new competitor making headlines, or new uses for similar products to yours. 

Since many Instagram influencers also have huge followings, they could be setting unexpected trends that your dropshipping store could benefit from, too. 


Here’s an existing website that can easily shed some light on upcoming trends. 

While you might not think of Pinterest as a market research tool for dropshipping products, you’d be surprised how much it can help you learn about market trends. 

By following the most talked about boards and keeping your eye on the trending articles and top creators in different categories, you could sniff out trends way before they become mainstream. 

eBay parcel held by hands

How to choose the best items to dropship

Choosing the right dropshipping items can be a daunting task if it’s your first time building a business, online presence, and online store all at once. 

Thankfully, you can start narrowing down the ideal dropshipping products with the following questions. 

How bad is the competition? 🏢

Understanding exactly what competition means in your niche can be a decisive factor when it comes to choosing the right trending product to sell. 

Especially if it’s your first time selling dropshipping products, chances are you don’t want to invest lots of money into expensive marketing campaigns. 

After all, if you’re entering a market with a couple of big brand names, or a very volatile field in general, you’re not stacking the odds in your favor. 

There’s no rule saying you can’t enter a bigger market (for example, the health and beauty market), but you should look for a particular niche your dropshipping product can easily dominate. 

This way, you’ll have better chances of succeeding in the long run. 

How rare is the dropshipping product? 💎

When it comes to the rarity of your product, you have to consider a couple of things.

Mainly, are consumers able to buy the product elsewhere – and are you yourself able to get the product from another supplier? 

It’s certainly beneficial to strike a balance between not going for the most common product and having an exclusive product nobody else is selling. 

But it’s also not the end of the world if someone else (or a handful of other online stores) sells the same products as you. 

You can focus on positioning your products slightly differently compared to your competitors and maybe think about how you could serve a slightly different target audience overall. 

Is the dropshipping product engaging? ☝️

The products you sell should all somehow engage the buyers. This means that the dropshipping item should manage to catch the attention of an unassuming visitor. 

A lot of engagement comes down to effective marketing and the overall market positioning of your product. 

Ideally, your product has few direct competitors and is relatively rare in the niche you’re trying to target. This, in turn, means that when a user sees an ad for the product, they are intrigued and more likely to visit your store and make a purchase. 

Consider how your product helps users solve a potential problem or challenge in their daily life and how it benefits users, rather than going on about the features of your product overall. 

Is it useful? 👀

This might seem like a simple question, but when you’re looking for dropshipping products to sell, you need to also think about how the products will be used.

Ideally, your product should solve a problem that your ideal customer has or otherwise satisfy their needs. 

If you sell a new product that has new uses the market maybe hasn’t seen before, consider including pictures and videos of your product in action on the product page of your store. 

You’ll inspire your customers and give them real-life examples of how, why, and where to use the product and help them realize its usefulness overall. 

Adding customer testimonials and customer stories is also a great way to advocate for the usefulness of your product or service. Especially given the digital nature of eCommerce as a whole. 

Is it profitable? 💰

In general, all dropshipping ideas should boil down to this point – profitability. 

No matter how great the product ideas, if none can be executed in a way that’s profitable, it’s sadly not going to create long-lasting grounds for a business. 

In order to determine the profitability of dropshipping products, you need to understand the total costs of your business. Once you know how much it costs to operate your store each month, you can start comparing unit prices at different suppliers. 

Map out what your sales margin should be so that you can get a clear idea of your pricing and choose the right dropshipping products accordingly.  

Pro tip – With a well-targeted marketing strategy, you can work on creating a stronger brand and increase your overall sales. Make sure you know your audience and position your products in a way that resonates with them. 

Build your online store and start your dropshipping business today

If you’ve now got a selection of dropshipping products to sell, it’s time to start building your online store and realize your dreams. 

As long as you focus on catering to a niche market, can turn a profit on your dropshipping product, and create a marketing strategy to get the word out there, you’ll be on the road to success. 

Pay attention to things like product quality and the materials used, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your labor for a long time to come. 

Why postpone when you could start making money online today?

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