15 of the Best Fonts for Logos

Picking the perfect font for your logo is never easy. Tons of free fonts are available, and it’s a challenge to settle on one that best matches your brand identity.

Combined with the right design and color, your font choice is central to your overall logo appearance. This is important since logo designs play a big part in how customers judge brands.

To help you find the perfect look for your brand, we’ve handpicked the fifteen best fonts for logos — no matter the theme of your brand or industry you belong to.

1. Baltica


First, we have Baltica. This font has simple and readable letters, the two important characteristics of a logo.

The thin and straight serifs set Baltica apart from other members of the serif font family. As a result, Baltica looks traditional with a slightly modern edge.

A brand looking for a classic but contemporary logo design could use this font.

Other than the regular version, Baltica also comes in an extra-condensed bold weight. This is great for those who want to make a stronger impression.

Baltica in condensed bold

2. Steak

Steak Barbecue

Steak is perfect if you want your logo font to seem fancy yet playful.

High-end restaurants or special event services might consider using this font for their branding.

This cursive script font has a high-class look. Meanwhile, the long, swirly tails add personality to the typeface.

Though the font looks decorative, each letter is still readable. If you decide to use this font for logos, however, don’t forget to test how it looks on smaller displays.

The font comes in three styles — barbecue, braised, and smoked.

The smoked version comes with an eroded effect, like the example below. This is an excellent choice if you want to add a worn-out, vintage feel to your logo design.

Steak Font as a Logo

3. Futura

Futura, Popular Logo Font

Who doesn’t recognize Futura? This font family has been used time and again by brands like Best Buy, Calvin Klein, and Domino’s Pizza.

It’s clear to see why. Futura comes in a variety of styles, from light, bold and heavy to oblique and condensed. The diversity allows any business to take advantage of this versatile font.

Due to its geometric letterform, Futura looks simple, clean, and modern. Since each letter has a similar thickness, the font is easy to read on any screen.

This font is very popular, so you need to get creative with your logo design if you choose to use it. Otherwise, your logo will look too similar to other brands.

All in all, Futura is a good option if you want a simple yet striking font to liven up your brand identity.

4. Frutiger


Frutiger is another excellent sans-serif font. Initially intended for signs in airports, it is designed for maximum readability on any display.

It’s this clarity which makes it one of the best fonts for logos.

Frutiger adapts well to large and small screens. Like Futura, its clean and simple shape makes this font flexible for use in business logo design.

The font family also comes in several styles ranging from the lightest to the boldest weight.

Many well-known brands utilize Frutiger, including Ericsson and RadioShack.

ericsson logo

5. Garamond


Garamond is a popular font that has been recreated in various styles. Some popular variants used today are Adobe Garamond and EB Garamond.

The bracketed or curved serifs are the main characteristic of the typeface. It also has slight stroke variations that give some dynamic form to the font.

Garamond is a great choice for those who want their logo design to look timeless and refined, like businesses that dabble in fashion or jewelry.

If you want to create a stronger look with Garamond, try using all caps in your business name, like in the old American Eagle Outfitters logo:

American Eagle Outfitters Font for Logo

6. Baskerville


If you want an alternative to Garamond, consider Baskerville. The shape has a similar, elegant personality, but this font has some characteristics which make it distinctive.

For instance, some letters in the font have slightly sharper edges. And, unlike Garamond, the serifs are transitional rather than old-style.

Due to its classy appearance, Baskerville can be a superb logo font for luxury brands, like Kate Spade.

7. Helvetica

Helvetica font

Helvetica is one of the most recognizable sans serif fonts on the market. It has been used by many high-profile brands, including logos for companies like Panasonic and Target.

Appearance-wise, the letterforms are plain, and the strokes are equally thick, making it a highly-readable font.

Helvetica comes in several styles, including a rounded form that was used in a former logo design by Skype.

Helvetica’s simplicity and diverse forms make it a popular choice among many large companies.

Depending on your logo design, the font can look both classic and new or bold and minimal.

However, due to its wide use, it’s also often regarded as a safe option. Make sure to come up with an innovative logo design if you want your logo to outshine the competition.

8. Teko


Next, we have Teko. Like most sans serif fonts, Teko’s shape is straightforward and easy to read. Nonetheless, there are some key qualities that set Teko apart.

The typeface has a tall and rectangular letterform and narrow spacing. The strokes are weighty and uniform, which is excellent if you want to make a strong statement.

Due to its square shape, Teko can also be used to communicate a sleek and futuristic vibe. This makes it a perfect font for brands in tech, automotive, or architecture.

9. Expletus Sans

Expletus Sans

Need a striking font for your branding? Consider Expletus Sans. It’s a great choice for forward-thinking businesses that want to have an unconventional logo design.

Expletus Sans’s signature detached lettering adds some dynamism to the font’s appearance. The gaps can be accentuated if you use a colored background.

Despite the unusual style, the shapes of the letters are simple and legible on any display.

10. BenchNine

BenchNine Font

If you prefer a lighter font, try BenchNine. With its thin strokes and slightly rounded shapes, this cool font presents a youthful spirit that new startups can benefit from.

BenchNine has a tall form and tight spacing between its letters. Three styles are available for you to choose from: light, regular, and bold.

A unique feature of BenchNine is the thin ends in lowercase letters like ‘n’, ‘a,’ and ‘u.’ This attribute adds a minor variation to the sans-serif font.

11. Trajan

trajan font

Trajan is known for being a movie poster font, but it still translates to other mediums. It only contains capital letters, which is good for making a strong and impactful logo design.

Inspired by the ancient Roman letters, the font is typically used to represent the values of tradition and history.

You can find Trajan in logos of many educational institutions, including Columbia University.

columbia university font

In other cases, this serif font can also give the impression of luxury and class, as evident in its use by the fashion brand Victoria’s Secret.

There is also the prominent spacing between each letter, which ensures that your logo text is readable. 

12. Bodoni


Bodoni is a serif font with an edgy flair. The typeface has both bold and light strokes, and the different weights between the two make for a dramatic effect.

Due to its slab serifs, the font looks more modern compared to Garamond and Baskerville. It is often used by fashion businesses.

13. Akura Popo

akura popo font

Need a bold, one-of-a-kind logo font? Check out Akura Popo.

It’s a tall, condensed serif font that only contains uppercase letters. Armed with pointy edges, it is the perfect typeface for those who want a tough-looking logo design.

Though this font could be used for any creative brand, the designer recommends this font to be used by sports companies.

14. Didot

Didot Logo Font

Like Bodoni, Didot has a high thick-to-thin stroke contrast that adds some dimension to the font.

However, the letterform is slightly more stretched and curved. This gives the font a more classic look.

Didot is also mostly associated with high-end clothing brands and lifestyle magazines, like Giorgio Armani and Harper’s Bazaar.

15. Univers

univers font

Univers is an alternative to Helvetica.

This simple sans serif font is available in different weights and styles, so it’s suitable for various types of logos. The uniform strokes of each letter create excellent readability.

Some famous brands that use Univers are eBay and Western Union.

Choosing the right font for your logo

Since logo designs work as a brand’s primarily visual representation, the font you use plays a significant role in how customers perceive your business.

To choose the right font, make sure it is:

  • Relevant to your brand identity — it should reflect the style, formality, and character of your company
  • Attention-grabbing — the font should increase brand recognition and make it stand out against your competition
  • Timeless — stay away from on-trend fonts as they can look outdated once they are out of style
  • Legible and simple — the logo should render sharply at any size

For those without an eye for design, creating a perfect logo can be quite overwhelming. There are so many elements to consider.

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zyro logo maker fonts

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Best free fonts for logos recap

Using a proper logo is crucial for establishing a strong brand identity. With that, the font you choose matters as much as the symbol you feature.

In this article, we have provided the fifteen best fonts for logos.

Each of them has unique features, so be sure to pick one that is relevant to your brand, attention-grabbing, timeless, legible, and simple.

You can use the free logo maker by Zyro to help you. With our tool, creating a beautiful logo is quick and easy.

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