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Tati Uribe: How to Sell Online Courses

It’s no secret that in the last year, online business ideas have boomed and online courses are one of the biggest trends out there.

Still, when it comes to profitable online business ideas, YouTube star Tatiana Uribe has always been ahead of the curve.

Her brand and personal Zyro website Tati Uribe is the platform that she uses to train people in digital marketing and social media at an affordable price.

Her online business selling online courses is now going from strength to strength. Yet, Tatiana wasn’t always creating online courses. She started out as a fashion blogger.

This is the story of her business success and how to sell online courses successfully.

I started by building an online community

Back in 2013, I was in university studying social communication and journalism and I decided to open a fashion blog. 

At the time, I wasn’t even thinking about creating an online course or selling online courses. 

Everybody was into blogging and I wanted another place to show exactly what I could write. Then in November of that year, I took my next steps in the creation process when I opened my YouTube channel.

Now, I have over 500k subscribers, but back then I was very embarrassed. 

Still, I had the courage to keep going and I started uploading videos every Thursday and Sunday. 

But in 2017, I realized that I didn’t care that much about fashion as a topic. I understood that my existing audience and my target audience wanted to know about other things.

Digital marketing is my passion. 

So, I decided to start my own digital agency on my own while I was at university. 

At that moment, I had a fashion blog and 70,000 subscribers that could be potential customers with the right  marketing strategy, but I couldn’t convert them and create an additional revenue stream for my agency because the topic was too different. 

And that’s when I decided to start talking about entrepreneurship, how I earn money through the Internet and how to fix your social media accounts. 

Eventually, that would become the course material that I would use to sell online courses but it was very difficult at first because I had to completely change my topic and that is okay for new customers but many people weren’t looking to learn how to generate revenue and grow your skills online. 

They just wanted to hear about fashion – but I trusted myself and continued talking about social media and now I have achieved more in two years than I could have done in five years talking about fashion.

I didn’t know that you could make money through YouTube

Maybe you could make a few hundred dollars, just like I thought I could with my fashion blog but I didn’t see it as a real business.

Before I opened my digital agency, I didn’t think that I could earn money with my personal brand.

But that changed when people started to ask me for mentoring and business advice.

That’s when I started to understand that my videos could be premium course content and I started to really think about selling online courses.

Now, online courses are my big business, so much so that I don’t have my digital agency anymore because everything is from my personal brand on my Instagram, my YouTube, and now my Zyro website which I use as my online course marketplace.

I built a business on my own

To build a successful online course business and to sell online courses you have to be able to see yourself as a mentor and that’s not easy.

When I made my first online course I was scared. I had imposter syndrome and the biggest advice is simply to do, gather feedback and keep going.

So, I just put it on my website. People like it if you have the passion for it, it’s not about being smarter than anyone else.

I think the reason I became successful selling online courses is because I had to pass all of the challenges in my business on my own. 

It is not because I had any advantage over other people. 

I sold my first online course in January 2020 and now it is my passion to create online courses and sell online courses to my community.

I had a lot of problems at first. I didn’t know if I could be an entrepreneur

My family is not an entrepreneurial family. My father is a teacher, which maybe helps if with the course creation process but it doesn’t teach you how to sell online courses or how to start your own business.

When I had the digital agency for example, we had to deal with clients. Nobody taught me how to deal with clients: the hours, the contracts, the rates. 

I made some mistakes because I was just starting out and I felt so bad every time but that was a way of learning management systems and now I know that every business has problems. 

Back then, I felt like every problem meant that I should close my business. 

When a client wasn’t happy with one aspect of my work, I thought they would fire me. I had so many challenges that made me feel like I wasn’t cut out for entrepreneurship.

If you want to get started in business then you have to start with your mentality. I realized that I had a lot of problems with my mentality. 

And now I invest more in my mentality than my professional growth, and it is one of the big themes that I talk about when I sell online courses.

You need to challenge the things that you think you are.

You know, when you have a regular job, you have someone to tell you what to do every day – someone to give you a plan. 

As an entrepreneur you have all the weight on your shoulders and you have to fight that mentality and remember that you can be successful with the right tools.

Having your own website changes everything.

When I started in 2013 and I really wanted to create a website but I couldn’t afford to hire a web developer. 

I had to create everything from scratch and that meant learning a lot about HTML and honestly I was very confused.

Yes, I created a website but it always felt incomplete to me. I knew that I needed to think about ads and SEO and even personalization but I just didn’t know how. 

I needed a platform that could help me to express my talents without taking up too much time or resources.

So, when I found Zyro it was a perfect fit for me. I thought to myself “this is incredible.”

On my channel, I want to recommend tools for the people. I started my own business from scratch and I want to inspire people to do the same.

I didn’t have a lot of money and I didn’t have any experience, so when I found a platform that helps people to create online success in an easy and affordable way with great customer support it made perfect sense.

You don’t have to worry about difficult plug-ins like you do on WordPress and with the advertising integrations and built-in SEO everything is so easy.

You can personalize everything by just dragging and dropping new elements into place.

It was easy to import my WordPress website to Zyro

One of my favorite things about Zyro is the way that almost everything is automatic. 

Once I saw how easy and fast it is to update your website with Zyro, I used the AI Website importer to transfer my existing WordPress website to Zyro and I never looked back.

I know that I can edit my website myself and it will look beautiful. If I ever have a problem I can just talk to the customer success team and they reply almost immediately.

Honestly, I wish that Zyro had existed when I got started back in 2013 and I think that my business would have grown faster.

Zyro really empowers new businesses because you don’t need a lot of time, money, or experience to make it work. You can invest that straight back into your business. It means I can improve my online courses and focus on creating amazing content.

Website builders like Zyro let you create professional websites without the need to hire a web developer. It allows you to really take control of every aspect of your online business and that is something you just can’t do on social media for example.

I see a lot of my friends that have businesses on Pinterest or other social media and that works to an extent but you have so many more opportunities when you have your own website.

People find me on YouTube and Instagram, but I make conversions on my website

No matter what kind of sales funnel you have in your business, Zyro can accommodate it. 

In my case, my traffic is built on social media and in just a few clicks I can convert with my online store where I sell online courses.

It is very, very fast and that is really important in all businesses, not just when you want to sell online courses.

Moving forward I want to keep inspiring people with great tools

I think the first thing to think about when you’re starting your online business is to be the best you can be in your mentality. 

When you talk to people and with entrepreneurs, you can teach everybody the same thing – the same strategies, and the same practical methods. But it is the mindset that causes problems.

People say “I can’t do that” and it makes me feel so sad because I know that anybody can. 

Once you have that you can start thinking about the tools you need. 

Yes, everybody wants to grow their business and have a lot of sales or maybe be famous on social media, but nobody wants to study. 

It is so important to invest time in your passions and with Zyro you can do exactly that.

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