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20 Inspiring Vision Statement Examples: How To Write Your Own in 2022

For many practical folks, who base their goals on facts and clear objectives, having a “fluffy” vision statement for your brand might seem like a waste of time.

But believe it or not, a vision statement can be a great asset for your company. 

A good vision statement can serve as a reminder of why you are working so hard and where you’re headed in the long run. 

At their best, vision and mission statements help you and your team keep your eyes on the prize, whether it’s to become a market leader or hit a new sales record and go on a company-wide vacation. 

But what’s the right way to write up a strong vision statement?

We’ve compiled some of the best vision statement examples to help you find the inspiration you need to write your own, and own it. 

Why do you need mission and vision statements?

While they are often used interchangeably, the terms vision statement and mission statement are, in fact, quite different. 

A vision statement helps you position your business in the present moment and illustrates where you want to go in the upcoming years. The purpose of a vision statement is to guide and inspire you and your team, as well as provide an inspirational future goal. 

If someone came and asked you how do you want to evolve in the future, your vision statement should be able to answer the question. In a nutshell, a company vision statement is the “why”, your “raison d’être”. It’s a future aspirational goal and what you strive to achieve in the long run, presented to the world in the present tense. 

A mission statement, on the other hand,  is used to guide your business on a short-term basis. A mission statement describes what you do and the reason why you do it. Basically, it’s a tool many businesses use to move closer to the company vision in the short term.

Mission statements may change as the business grows and evolves and the organization’s efforts and focus change. Your business might not need to have both mission and vision statements, but they help you conceptualize what’s important to you, and which direction you want to grow your brand in the long run.  

A key difference between a mission statement and a vision statement

Looking at vision and mission statements by themselves, it’s not always easy to spot the difference between the two.

But when put next to each other, it quickly becomes clear how much writing a vision statement differs from a mission statement.

Let’s take Zyro, for example.

Zyro’s mission statement reads as follows:

Zyro is a platform that helps small business owners thrive. We’re your biggest fans, cheering you on to online success.

As you can see, Zyro’s mission statement clearly states what Zyro does right now. But the statement doesn’t address the long-term goal of the company and what it dreams of achieving in the future. 

Next, let’s compare this mission statement to a vision statement.

Starbuck’s vision statement does something different from Zyro’s mission statement:

[Our vision is] to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.

This vision statement example clearly puts to words the business’s vision: showing where the company wants to go in the future and how it wants to get there. It explains the philosophy and values the company has chosen to follow. 

A vision statement gives your work purpose, guidance, and inspiration. It communicates what you want to achieve in five to ten years. It should be the thing that drives and motivates you and your team. 

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How to write a new vision statement 

Now that the difference between mission and vision statements is clear, it’s time to dive deeper into how to write your business vision statement. 

If the concept of vision and mission statements still feels somewhat abstract (after all, how should you know where your business is in 10 years time?), Simon Sinek is your guy. 

When it comes to writing a vision statement, Sinek believes there are 5 main areas a vision statement sets out to address. A good vision statement should be:

  • Purposeful. Your vision statement must have a meaning that goes beyond the objectives and the goals of your organization. 
  • Inclusive. The best vision statements treat everyone who believes in it as equals. 
  • Service-oriented. Sure, you want your business to be profitable. But the best vision statements focus on the value your products and services bring to the wider community. 
  • Resilient. A fine vision statement must be able to adapt to change. As technology is evolving at a breathtaking speed, it’s important to remember that your company’s direction could drastically change in the future.
  • Idealistic. What separates a mission statement from a vision statement is that the latter is meant to seem like it’s almost impossible to achieve. 

Sounds all nice and well, but how do you actually write your vision statement? 

There are a few things you can do to understand precisely what should be written on your vision statement:

  • Identify the core values of your company. The perfect vision statement should be inspired by a company’s values. Your values are the backbone of everything your team does. If you haven’t decided on your values, we recommend that you do before writing your mission or vision statement.
  • Identify the goals and objectives of your brand. Once you are clear on your values, take the time to think about your goals and what your company to achieve in the next year, five years, and decade. This will serve as a starting point that you can stretch out later. Understanding your goals will help you to think about the role of your company in your community and in the world down the line. 
  • Have a brainstorming session with your team. Don’t be shy – gather your team and brainstorm. As long as your team also understands the values and goals your organization has, a brainstorming session can help you get a feel for where others see your brand headed in the future. 
  • Find vision statement examples to inspire you. If you feel stuck, look for examples by companies and brands you admire for some inspiration. Remember, your vision statement should be essentially a living document, it’s OK for it to change as you go. 

Let’s say your a company making natural cosmetics, innovation being one of your biggest strong points, and customer obsession one of the most important values. 

Your vision statement could focus on the innovative nature of your products, as well as how your products are all made with the customer in mind.

Maybe you wish to become a world leader in sustainably produced cosmetics that don’t just serve your shareholders’ pockets, but your users’ needs first and foremost. 

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20 vision statement examples to inspire you

There are good vision statements, and then there are good vision statements. 

We’ve hand-picked 20 vision statement examples that are empowering, inspirational, and could work on all kinds of marketing material from print ads to Facebook posts and other social media platforms. 

1. Google

To provide access to the world’s information in one click

Google’s own vision statement focuses on establishing Google as the centralized resource for all the information that exists, with a single click of a button. Quite aspirational, if you ask us. 

2. Tesla

To create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.

Tesla’s vision statement puts Tesla at the heart of automotive and mobility leadership. This is one of the most inspiring vision statements out there for a few reasons. 

This statement position the company as a global enterprise that is inspired but its business values. It also frames Tesla as a company that aims to become a great contributor to building a more sustainable world powered by sustainable energy. 

3. Zoom 

Video communications empowering people to accomplish more 

After the covid-19 pandemic, it comes as no surprise to hear that Zoom’s vision statement centers around empowering its users.  

And that the brand certainly delivered on, helping businesses to stay connected (and in business) during times of social distancing.

4. Meta

The metaverse is the next evolution of social connection. Our company’s vision is to help bring the metaverse to life, so we are changing our name to reflect our commitment to this future.

This is one of the best examples of a vision statement out there. 

If you check out Meta’s website, you’ll find a clear roadmap of how Meta is planning on realizing its aspirational vision. 

The underlying strategy, mission statement, and overall vision of the brand are all clearly communicated, and the brand even goes to lengths about explaining how the company’s work will radically transform our lives in the future. 

5. Wikipedia

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.

Do you remember how the world used to be before Wikipedia? 

This vision statement, as ambitious as it sounds, has become a reality for most people on the planet. After all, who has the time to find the right volume of the encyclopedia anymore?

Wikipedia has become an integral part of our everyday life, and this is an example of how a strong vision statement fuels organizational efforts.

6. LinkedIn

Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

As far as vision statement examples go, this one does a great job in describing both the mission and vision of the company. 

Not only is this vision and mission statement purposeful and inspirational, but it’s also inclusive and service-oriented. Readers will know exactly what the company’s commitment is: to allow anyone from around the world to access the economic opportunity they have been dreaming of. 

7. Twitter

To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

When it comes to vision and mission statement examples, Twitter’s vision statement describes the brand’s overarching purpose in just a few words. It’s a statement that’s service-oriented, purposeful, and inclusive, all at once.

It’s clear that Twitter’s overarching vision is all about connecting people, helping to spread ideas, and giving everyone the chance to have a voice. 

8. Eckhart Tolle Foundation

The Eckhart Tolle Foundation is dedicated to accelerating the awakening of human consciousness to create a more peaceful and harmonious world.

The best mission statement examples tug right at your heartstrings and bring inspiration right to your doorstep – just like this one.

Eckhart Tolle Foundation’s vision statement not only inspires individuals to live a better everyday life in a healthier world but also contributes to creating more socially conscious businesses. 

9. McDonald’s

The backbone of our Brand is, and always has been, a commitment to a set of core values that define who we are and how we run our business and restaurants.

Looking for combined vision and mission statement examples that revolve around brand values? Look no further than one of the biggest fast-food chains feeding America. 

McDonald’s mission statement demonstrates why having and knowing your values are crucial for your company’s future. McDonald’s simply lets their values guide them in what they do, including their vision statement. 

10. BBC

To act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality, and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain.

Want to see vision and mission statement examples that are exclusive and user-centric first? You should learn from BBC.

This vision statement puts the people that use the BBC services at the center of everything. It’s a great example of how a service-centric business approach isn’t just something for a human rights campaign – in fact, all businesses could benefit from customer obsession. 

11. Amazon

Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online

Vision and mission statement examples that focus on the customers continue with Amazon’s vision, which is nothing short of aspirational. 

Focusing on highlighting the better everyday life the company is working toward, this 

12. Southwest Airlines

Our purpose is to connect people to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel.

Wait a second, we hear you exclaim, how can a profitable airline like Southwest work towards keeping travel low-cost? Isn’t that counterintuitive? 

What we love about Southwest’s vision statement is how it highlights the kind of service they want to and strive to offer their customers. Remember, vision statements are meant to be inspirational and aspirational – just because you paid more than you liked for your recent Southwest ticket doesn’t mean the company wants to keep things that way.  

13. Patagonia

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to protect nature, not bound by convention

Patagonia’s vision statement is a great example of a business that aspires to be purposeful and service-oriented. 

This is a mission statement of a business that puts its values at the heart of what it does and wants to implement solutions, not sit around and wait for someone else to take the lead. The brand takes a clear stance on the ongoing environmental crisis of the fashion industry and addresses how it’s working towards being one of the catalysts of change. 

14. Disney

To entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds, and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.

This is a great example of a vision statement that is inclusive and idealistic. 

Disney’s mission does not only focus on serving its customers, but the brand also includes its employees in its vision (well done, Disney’s human resources team). By stating everything that the brand aspires to be now and in the future, it stays accountable for itself in the long run.  

15. Netflix

At Netflix, we want to entertain the world.

This is a short vision statement, but one that says a lot about the company in question. 

It’s hard to argue with a short and snappy, almost slogan-esque vision statement – yet Netflix makes its an idealistic, inclusive, and service-oriented vision for the brand as a whole.  

15. Sony

Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.

We love this vision statement because it’s simple yet powerful. 

If you think about it, Sony has been a leader in the electronics industry for years now but instead of focusing on what they do, their vision statement is about the impact that their work has on people around the world. 

17. Coca-Cola

Our vision is to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body & spirit. And done in ways that create a more sustainable business and better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities, and our planet.

Ever seen a Coca-Cola ad? Noticed how it’s based on sharing? 

Coca-Cola provides another great example of a company’s vision statement that focuses on serving others and having an impact on the world. By clearly communicating what you want to achieve in your vision statement, you’re more likely to stay accountable for your actions in the future. 

18. Nike

To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete. 

This vision statement focuses on the role that Nike plays in transforming athletes into the best possible version of themselves. 

Nike expands the definition of what an athlete is to include every single person who is alive today, making this a wonderful example of a truly inclusive vision statement. 

19. TED

Spread ideas 

Sometimes, you can get directly to the point of your underlying vision, especially if it’s a simple one.

This short and sweet vision statement tells us all about what TED does and aspires to continue doing in the future. While it’s a vision statement that doesn’t exactly detail the road the brand will take to reach its goal, it’s certainly aspirational enough for people to get behind. 

20. Uber

We reimagine the way the world moves for the better

Uber has transformed the way we commute and made it possible for people to have access to transportation in an easier and more convenient way. 

Uber’s vision statement is all about innovation and this is clearly seen in the daily operation and expansion of the business. 

Pins on a printed world map

Why are vision statements important?

If you are still not convinced and don’t think that your brand needs a vision statement, think again.

A vision statement helps to pave the way for your company. It encourages your team to dream big, giving everyone a cause that unites you. A strong vision allows you to put your values into action and inspires you to become the best at what you do. 

After all, businesses aim to solve problems and challenges their target market faces. What better way to serve your customers than by having a higher purpose, a vision that keeps you going? 

Whether through a vision statement or a mission statement, every company needs to have a reason behind its existence. Some companies choose to go on a mission to change the world, so they focus on sustainable energy or the environmental crisis and aspire to find solutions to address them. 

Others decide to focus on people, offering designer eyewear to fashion-conscious customers, or solving mundane problems like making brewing coffee in the morning as easy as possible. 

In any case, a vision statement is an opportunity to dream big. The sky is the limit, so don’t worry about being realistic and practical. Instead, you should aim high, be a visionary, and don’t be afraid to take risks. 

The thing to remember is that a good vision statement is not supposed to be easy to achieve. If it was, it wouldn’t be a vision statement. 

Map out your company’s journey with your vision statement

Every company hopes to be successful, bring value to their customers, and build a strong, respected brand. 

While having a vision and a mission statement won’t replace solid business practices from customer service to marketing, they help you show the entire organization the direction and future you’re envisioning for your company. 

Whether you’re fighting for a just world, want to be remembered by future generations, or simply want to offer your products for a truly revolutionary price, spell it out in your vision statement. 

And it might just become reality. 

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