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12 Logo Trends (2022) to Inspire Modern Logo Designs

Here’s the thing about logos. They don’t need to describe your business, but they should perfectly symbolize what it is your business does.

That isn’t always easy – you need to design something unique, memorable, and cool. Start here.

We’ve summed up 12 of the latest logo design trends to help you find your niche and launch your brand in style.

You know those little app buttons you have on your smartphone screen? They’re touch icons, and they’ve had a big impact on modern logo design.

Now, your favorite brands have to be instantly recognizable by just one or two letters.

Estrid logo

Starting the list of logo design trends this year is nailing that single, stylized letter so that it represents the brand from multiple touch points. Let’s break it down:

  • It’s a clean yet classic symbol, great for a brand that wants to use fancy but not fussy design elements.
  • It does the heavy lifting. Logos like these can elevate an otherwise pared-back brand identity. 
  • It works in any context. From social media to product packaging, the stylized letter logo is incredibly versatile.

Beauty brands like Estrid and Glossier have embraced this logo design trend. It’s a neat way to make their products look fresh, yet easily identifiable on any shelf.

Glossier logo

One of the biggest design trends for 2020, the retro logo isn’t going anywhere fast. 

Editor’s note 📝 – While older brands are trying to modernize their visual identities, plenty of startups and small businesses are opting for a vintage look.

These throwback logos give the customer a sense of familiarity and comfort – they also look super cool, too. Here’s how to hop on the retro logo trend:

  • Find a talented designer. A retro logo has intricate shapes, lines, and colors – scope out some illustrators or logo designers.
  • Don’t make it too complicated. The best logos in this genre are still pretty clean and refined.
  • Make it work for your business. Retro logo designs are ideal for hospitality brands like bars, hotels, and cafes.

Take a look at the logo for Bathtub Gin, a New York bar. The design gives the impression that this place is fun, laid back, and somewhere you want to be seen.

Bathtub Gin logo

If you don’t know that this is a trending logo design, you probably don’t have any social media accounts. 

Gradient logos are everywhere, most notably as both Instagram and Facebook Messenger’s latest styles. And the design concept isn’t slowing down.

Avon logo

This is the trend to get behind if you’re building a vibrant brand identity – here’s how to make an insanely popular logo style work for your business:

  • Pick a base color that complements the palette of your brand. For example, Facebook Messenger grounds its gradient in blue.
  • Keep the rest of the design fresh. These logos look best on simple shapes that won’t confuse the viewer.
  • Make it unique to your business. Don’t be tempted to copy – of all the trends, this design can work for anyone.

The gradient logo has become a go-to design for a brand refresh. Check out Avon alongside Facebook Messenger as recent examples.

Facebook Messenger logo

Similar to the retro logo, this is one of those trends that’s a little bit of a throwback.

Isometric drawing has been around for a long, long time – it’s all about giving 2D shapes a 3D effect. Turns out, isometric style is also a timeless logo design trend.

Much like geometric logos, the isometric look has been snapped up by big players in tech, data, and banking. Let’s check out why it’s on-trend:

  • It jumps off the page. Like geometric shapes, this technique is a high impact way to communicate your brand.
  • It means business. Where other logo trends suit creative industries, isometric logos are perfect for more corporate companies.
  • It’s a great color carrier. Whether you use neon colors or pastel hues, isometric logos look cool whatever the tone.

There are tons of startups that have isometric elements in their logos. Check out Databricks, for starters. 

Databricks logo

This playful style might be one of the coolest logo design trends 2020 has embraced.

Like most trends, images within text are nothing new. But right now, they’re hot property. If you want a design that shows off your product, this could be it. 

Bird logo

Logos with hidden imagery are as fun to create as they are to use. That said, consider hiring a professional logo designer – here’s why:

  • The image needs to fit into your brand name. Chances are, designers will be able to find the perfect space.
  • You should find a simple design that can be repeated across brand touch points, like social channels and packaging.
  • The clarity of the text is vital. Don’t inject an image somewhere that makes your business name unreadable.

There are a lot of great modern logos with images making up part of the lettering. Take a look at foodie brands Bird and Moving Mountains who have embraced the trend.

Moving Mountains logo

As you have probably already noticed, even some of the newest logos take advantage of some timeless trends.

Elements like flat icons will always exist in design. They’re simple, sweet, and an easy way to convey a fun brand identity through a logo.

As long as you know the image source, flat icons are great for startup logo design. Here’s why:

  • They can say a lot with very little. You don’t have to choose an icon that matches what you sell, but it isn’t hard to find something descriptive.
  • Icons are super memorable. Clever use of color and shape can give you a unique design that’s obviously yours.
  • They’re worth repeating. Your flat icon design can be used and adapted all the way across your business – it’s versatile.

This is one of the 2020 logo design trends that tons of businesses are already adopting, so we’ve picked out Liftoff as a cool example.

Liftoff logo

When it comes to logo trends that convey messages, the humble overlapping design is at the top of the pile.

Something as simple as a little overlapping in your logo can suggest that your company is dynamic, growth-minded, and determined in its approach. 

Upkey logo

It sounds like a lot from just a small icon, but pictures tell a thousand words. Let’s break it down:

  • It’s an abstract design feature which – when paired with a muted color – can give a calming effect. Just what a reliable business wants. 
  • It’s a stylish way to create a monogram. If you want a timelessly trendy logo, this is a great route to go down.
  • It can be anything: geometric, minimalist, even cartoon-like. Logo design trends like this are adaptable.

If you want to design a modern logo that takes itself seriously, check out Upkey and Making Moves who have tapped into overlapping trends. 

Making Moves logo

Looking for trends that will give your brand a friendly personality? Here’s an idea for you.

Editor’s note 📝 – Hand-drawn and handwritten logos are simple but effective ways of visual storytelling. The design adds a human side to an otherwise faceless business.

It’s no wonder that plenty of creative companies have opted for handwritten styles. If you want to look approachable, cute design trends like this are worth chasing. Here’s why:

  • A handwritten word is more informal, making it a great logo format to use in design-led industries.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to perfect. Sure, you can hire designers to create your logo, but this is a design that anyone can achieve.
  • You can reproduce a handwritten logo in tons of colors – adaptable design trends are great for social-savvy companies.

Of all the logo design trends, this is a classic. From Coca Cola and Kellog’s to Freddie’s Flowers, handwritten logos are always cool.

Freddie's Flowers logo

So, you want to make things simple. Even more simple than a handwritten logo.

You probably want a wordmark or logotype logo. Another of those design trends that pops up again and again, this is an effortless way to get your brand name out there.

Seamless logo

A wordmark logo is a stylized version of your company name. It’s a top logo choice for household names, from Canon to Supreme. Let’s break it down:

  • The best logotypes take effort to get right. Sure, the effect is simple, but you might want a designer to help.
  • When you have a wordmark logo, suddenly your brand name is everywhere. It’s an ideal design for growth-focused companies.
  • It’s a fun way to convey your brand’s color palette, too. Look at how FedEx uses colors in its wordmark logo.

If you’re ready to set your own trends, this is a great design option. Have a look at the logos of Seamless and Curology for inspiration.

Curology logo

Trends like this were everywhere in 2020 logo designs – and it looks like line art isn’t going to disappear any time soon.

These logos are beautiful ways of branding any business, particularly small craft enterprises and design-led companies.

If you want to have an intricate and super unique logo design, find a designer or bring out your best Sharpies:

  • The use of lines in logo designs is oddly satisfying, and a visual treat for your potential customers. 
  • It’s one of many logo trends that you could collaborate with talented designers on. You want something unique, after all.
  • It’s a really modern way of replicating the classic emblem logo – embrace minimalism with your hand drawn design.

Like all of the hottest trends, it isn’t hard to find dazzling examples of line art logos. Check out InMocean to see some fine lines in action.

InMocean logo

Ah, logo design trends. 2020 has seen plenty, and they aren’t just reserved for startup brands. In fact, loads of established companies have refreshed their logos. 

And which of the big trends have they followed? Minimalism, of course. 

It was a case of ‘new year, new logo’ for many well-known brands. In place of a complex logo design, trends for flattened, simplified logos have been emerging. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 3D-style logos have been around for years, but trends have moved on. Nowadays, businesses prefer to keep it fresh.
  • Rather than totally replace iconic logos, designers have been cleaning them up to suit modern tastes.
  • A neater, flatter logo design looks much better on social media channels, TV adverts, and even on products.

This design simplification is proof that not all retro logos are popular. Here’s a comparison of the  Volkswagen logo before and after its transformation.

This logo design style is pretty special. The decorative monogram is a truly beautiful design, perfect for aspirational brands.

It might sound old-school, but like every design on our list, the decorative monogram has been refreshed for modern use.

By keeping colors and lines simple, you can really go all-out on the intricacy of your decorative monogram. Here’s how:

  • Look at how the letters of your brand name could be intertwined with each other to create a beautifully unique design.
  • Think about your business, and how you could put elements of what you make or sell into the logo.
  • Work with a talented illustrator or graphic designer. It always pays to use the pros for this type of logo design.

Do some research to find out the best practices for a decorative monogram design. We love the logo used by Made Goods, for example.

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