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20 Simple Website Examples That Prove Anything is Possible

5 Simple Website Examples to Get You Inspired

Simple. Elegant. Coherent. The minimal web design trend is in.

In fact, it has been for about as long as we can remember. These website examples prove that it isn’t what you do, but it’s the way that you do it.

If you’re just starting out, building a website can seem like a massive chore. That’s why it’s great to have plenty of inspiration to keep you going.

Simple doesn’t mean boring or plain. Quite the opposite. Once you know what to look for you’ll see that a simple minimalist website design is your best bet for site design in 2022.

1. Mina

Mina is a bright eCommerce website template from Zyro that allows you to create your own online store in minutes.

Mina makes use of the trend for bright colors but uses minimal navigation in the web page design so that things never get too busy visually.

The template’s strongest feature is the contrast between attractive colors and an obvious call to action which lets the user know exactly what to do.

It is a great template for anyone wanting to start selling online and works perfectly straight-out-of-the-box.

Like all Zyro templates, you can try before you buy. Build your online store first, and when you’re happy with the result you can get online for as little as $8.99 per month.

2. Tim Brack

Tim Brack's website's homepage

Three colors – black, grey, and white. That’s all it takes to build a powerful yet playful contrast.

Scroll down this one-page site design and you will understand the narrative that underpins this person’s creative projects. It’s an About Us and Contacts page rolled into one.

If you click on an image, it will give you additional information about the story behind the picture, and maybe show a video or two.

Other than that, it’s a really intuitive way to demonstrate how a one-page website can be created and presented.

3. Bedow

Bedow's homepage

Take note: let your work speak for itself.

One color dominates the page, leaving room for the images to breathe. Making it obvious that the studio is confident about the work they’ve created.

The menu is located at the very bottom of the page. This is where you can find the studio’s social media account and an email address if you wish to become Bedow’s client.

There’s a lot of information on this website, but all of the design examples given are very focused and visual.

4. ETQ Amsterdam

ETQ Amsterdam website's homepage

Clean and stylish, the ETQ Amsterdams website acts as an online catalog and directs users to social media accounts, where you can learn more about the company’s design principles.

All of the information is easily digestible thanks to the website’s bright design. You can view their products in great detail and easily order anything that you find interesting.

If you’re planning to create an eCommerce website, it would be worth taking some lessons from the product presentation of companies like this.

5. Lars Tornøe

Lars Tornoe's website's homepage

Norwegian furniture designer Lars Tornøe’s presents his concepts in such a way that you could almost sense the design workflow behind the build.

By removing unnecessary elements, Tornøe creates an obvious interface that places his work at front and center.

Whenever you click an image, more photographs are shown to provide a fuller picture, with a short description to accompany every project.

Minimalism is clearly a feature of Tornøe’s furniture and by extending this to his website design he creates a cohesive movement between his products and his online persona.


AIAIAI Audio Simple Website Design

AIAIAI Audio make clever use of bright color and bold typefaces on their business website homepage design.

Both of these elements are strong trends for web design in 2022 and neither require a large amount of work to pull of which make them a great choice for new starters looking for a stylish minimalist website.

In fact, the only complex part of this website design is a user-triggered animation that reveals product images if and only if you roll over the menu with your mouse.

Hiding more complex elements from first view can be an effective way to guide the user experience through your website at a more natural pace.

7. Co&Co

Co&Co Simple Website Design Homepage

Let’s take a second to appreciate the way this site comines sheer simplicity with modern minimalist website design elements.

The Co&Co homepage design features a simple hero video, a tagline, and a call to action. Few businesses are able to combine their identity so quickly and cohesively.

Co&Co need just three elements to do it.

A definite web design trend for 2022, the hero video is replacing the hero image as internet connections and website loading times improve.

Movement always catches the eye and using hero videos on your homepage is a tried and true method for increasing user engagement.

It is also easy to implement with this function being offered straight out of the box by some website builders.

8. Monograph

Monograph Simple Website Design Gradient Color

Monograph is an example of a communications business that understands the value of creating a landing page that communicates brand values precisely.

As a small business, it may be tempting to focus intently on graphics and aesthetics to make your landing pages stand out but it is a much better approach to avoid clutter and focus on your key messaging.

Combined with a gentle gradient color scheme – another top web design trend for 2022 – Monograph’s easy homepage designs to stay-up-to-date while focusing as much energy as possible on the brand identity.

9. Florian Matthias

Florian Matthias Simple Website Design User Triggered Animations

Easy, actionable web design that speaks volumes about the business behind it.

If you’re looking for small business website examples that achieves balance between easy web development and leaving an impression on the audience then use this approach as a template.

Essentially a one-page website design, clicking on any part of mission statement triggers a cascade portfolio of this company’s work in that niche.

It is a stunning example of how movement can be coded into a site easily while maintaining a feeling of minimalism in the aesthetic.

10. Convicts

Convicts Simple Website Design Bold Typography

Bold typography, plenty of whitespace, and a mission statement.

There’s nothing new going on for the Convicts homepage design but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Businesses have been following these homepage trends for so long now that they feel like hard and fast design rules.

Many companies use this approach as it is a quick way to engage visitors to your site with your brand.

As people increasingly browse more on mobile, it is more important than ever to use a design that will translate well across all devices.

11. Verbal + Visual

Verbal + Visual Simple Website Design Microinteractions

While the gradient color scheme of the homepage is attractive the big thing to notice about this small business website are the three animated arrows in the lower-right corner of your screen.

This is a micro-interaction.

It is becoming increasingly popular as an engaging approach to improve user experience while reducing unnecessary content.

Essentially this easy animation serves as a sign post to guide all site visitors off the homepage and into the website once they are ready.

By keeping things small, people are encouraged to focus on the core messaging and aesthetic of the site.

Once this is understood, the micro-interaction becomes obvious exactly as a user needs it without being a distraction.

12. Ali Ali

Ali Ali Simple Website Design

Movement and minimalism go hand in hand on the homepage of this director’s site.

The one-page website features only a few elements and encourages the user to interact with the portfolio by leaving little choice but to scroll away from the homepage.

Sites like this often boast a lower bounce rate from their traffic because the audience is slowly drawn into the main content of the site at a more natural pace.

13. Electric Consultants

Electric Consultants Simple Website Design

The text-only hero may be going out of fashion in 2022 but combining this with intuitive micro-interactions keeps the homepage of this site looking fresh.

Pinning the yellow circle to the header is an easy approach to make sure that all people interacting with your company website will want to travel through it.

In this case, the company keeps its services hidden behind the micro-interaction until people have learned more about the brand and can appreciate its work fully.

14. Netil Radio

Netil Radio Simple Website Design

This approach is great for a small business or company that offers a service rather than a product.

In this case, it is the radio player technology that is front and center. The business model is based on acquiring more listeners so Netil Radio have made tuning-in the only obvious course of action on the homepage of their site.

Sites like this, especially ones that need to integrate niche technology, often make use of minimalist website design to encourage more interaction with the site and the service itself.

15. Michael McManus

Michael McManus Simple Website Design High Contrast

Micro-interactions, minimalist website design, and high-contrast color palettes give the homepage of this site a sense of three-dimensionality and spacing that is naturally important to an architect.

Minimalism is an obvious influence in his architectural work but by extending that to the homepage of his site he makes his approach to design an obvious part of his company identity.

Michael McManus’ homepage is a brilliant example of how it is possible to communicate all the things you want about your company with very few design elements.

16. Esenzzia

Essenzia Simple Website Design

This Spanish perfume brand uses easy marketing techniques on its homepage that many more companies could learn from.

Straight away, the site asks users to interact with the product, both in real life and virtually by asking them to enter the product code to find out more.

Making this the main interactive element of the homepage of the site puts a subtle expectation on the user to interact with the product itself before journeying through the site.

17. Elastiq

Elastiq Simple Website Design Hand Drawn Elements

Art, or more precisely, hand-drawn elements are looking set to dominate website design in 2022.

Couple this with a small collection of easy animations and the site of this Swiss interaction developer (designer) is a better advert for his work than any article could ever be.

Often, companies will forget to provide basic information such as a phone number or an email inbox in an obvious way.

Here, the interaction developer gets that out of the way fast to encourage interactions with the art itself.

18. We Love

We Love Daily Simple Website Designs 3D Elements

3D elements are surprisingly simple to implement in modern website designs.

As technology continues to improve, integrations of 3D art and floating elements have become easier to produce and more companies than ever are adopting it in their web design.

In this case, We Love are appealing to their target audience of creatives and their target interaction of sharing content in every element of their design.

Art such as this is not difficult to produce but does have a big impact on the way that people interact with your website.

If creating art elements such as this one is not a possibility, try implementing some floating elements or soft shadow as an easier way to achieve the 3D effect for your visitors

19. Waka Waka

Waka Waka Simple Website Design Minimalism

Functional furniture is elevated to art with this decidedly Bauhaus company’s homepage.

The furniture screams retro and naturally, the website must follow suit.

To stop retro from feeling old-fashioned. The website applies the same standards of minimalism to the homepage as it does the furniture.

Stencil lettering in the menu offers a sharp contrast to the bold yet rounded sans-serif of the tagline. Much in the way that the furniture does when a curved edge arrives seemingly at odds with a very square base.

Playing with contrast in text and font design is incredibly simple to implement but it can have a huge effect on the final feel.

20. Field

Field Simple Website Design Moving Elements

Field is a great example of how to leverage design ideas like the hero video without having to create one yourself.

Rather than a video, Field opt for a simpler hero-image slideshow coupled with basic animations to double-down on the sense that many things are moving at the same time.

Movement is known to increase engagement but moving elements are also, naturally, slightly harder to code.

This example shows how your website can imitate the results of complex moving elements while keeping things straight-forward to design and easy to implement.

What makes a website’s design simple?

Several key ingredients define simple web designs. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a personal blog or a business site, there’s a lot that your visitors can appreciate in a clean design.

A simple website doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve created something bland or stale. Just like with the web design examples shown above, it can be seen as an additional layer of creativity.

Creating a straightforward design frees your visitors from unnecessary distracting elements, that other websites might include. This is key for marketing and creating a trustworthy image.

Information is clear and transparent, which is especially important if you want to attract more business clients.

If you want to invite users to learn more about you, you can include an easy to navigate menu, and email contact form, or links to your social media.

Such an approach is more engaging and attractive since complicated web designs have the potential of putting off visitors from the website’s core content.

Appearance is not the only reason why web designers prefer simplicity.

From a technical standpoint, uncomplicated websites load faster and are easier to navigate – creating a better user experience.

Website speed directly affects SEO marketing too, and that is an important factor if you want your online business to flourish.

Other than that, it’s way quicker to build a website or blog that includes less complicated design choices.

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