5 Simple Website Examples to Get You Inspired

Building a website, especially if you’re just starting out, can seem like an overwhelming chore. That’s why it’s great to have a place to draw inspiration from. Let’s cover some great simple website examples.

Everything has to look great and draw attention. You might think that it requires a lot of complicated design details, however, that may not be the case.

There are many great website ideas that take advantage of using simple elements and clear color schemes. If you’re looking for inspiration, this list is the best place to start.

1. Falvé

Falve website's homepage

The Falvé company is run by a New Zealand husband and wife. It produces handcrafted menswear and has been designing quality products for years.

Falvé’s clothing features clear-cut yet delicate designs that are complemented by their simple web page designing.

The website’s strongest feature is the contrast between light colors and an abundance of photographs featuring their products.

Classic and elegant – these are the words that first pop into mind when visiting the website. Everything that you need to know about the business is on display.

There’s not much in terms of the information provided – the menu shows pages containing a brief history of the company and a contact list.

Falvé’s products and services take the central role, shown clearly by the moving slideshow featuring behind-the-scenes imagery.

2. Tim Brack

Tim Brack's website's homepage

Only three colors, excluding the photographs, dominate this page – black, grey and white. At first glance, there’s not much to this website.

Only when you scroll down to the bottom do you understand that the page acts as a short story of this person’s creative projects. It’s also an About Us and Contacts page at the same time.

If you click on an image, it will give you additional information about the story behind the picture, and maybe show a video or two.

Tim Brack works as a senior art director for Jung von Matt – a German advertising agency.

From his website, you can easily learn more about Tim by simply looking at the content and how it is presented.

Other than that, it’s a really simple way to demonstrate how a one-page website can be created and presented.

3. Bedow

Bedow's homepage

An independent design studio in Sweden, at first glance Bedow presents itself with a striking image. It’s one of the better examples where the studio’s work speaks for itself.

There’s only one color that dominates the page, leaving room to breathe. Photographs feature all kinds of project ideas gathered over the years.

It’s obvious that the studio is confident about the work they’ve created.

The menu is located at the very bottom of the page. This is where you can find the studio’s social media account and an email address if you wish to become Bedow’s client.

There’s a lot of information on this website, but all of the design examples given are very focused and visual.

4. ETQ Amsterdam

ETQ Amsterdam website's homepage

The ETQ Amsterdams shoe company based, believe it or not, in Amsterdam has a website that speaks for their footwear design philosophy.

Clean and stylish, with the product’s quality is the voice of the company’s marketing values.

Their collection includes shoes for both men and women, ranging from lace-up boots to leather sneakers. All are presented in a clean way that lets the products shine.

The website acts as a sort of a hub that both acts as an online catalog and directs users to social media accounts, where you can learn more about the company’s design principles.

All of the information is easily digestible thanks to the website’s bright design. You can view their products in great detail and easily order anything that you find interesting.

If you’re planning to create an eCommerce website, it would be worth taking some lessons from the product presentation and web page design from this simple website example.

5. Lars Tornøe

Lars Tornoe's website's homepage

A Norwegian furniture designer, Lars Tornøe’s work is presented on this beautifully crafted portfolio website.

Tornøe’s concepts are shown in such a way, that you could almost sense the design workflow that was put behind the build.

Whenever you click an image, more photographs are shown to provide a fuller picture, with a short description to accompany every project.

There’s an About page where all contact details including email are presented, and a News page, a blog where you can find his latest work under a clear menu.

How to build a simple and easy website on your own

If you’re thinking about creating a simple website like the examples shown here, why not use a simple website builder?

With the Zyro Website Builder, you can easily build and perfect your website designs without any development experience or coding knowledge.

The best part of all of it – it’s completely free to design websites with Zyro.

Simply register an account, pick from a number of different design templates and move your image and content elements however you wish. It’s easy with Zyro’s intuitive drag-and-drop grid system.

If you’re in need of even more features, such as a custom domain with email, there are paid plans available for you to choose from.

Paid plans offer advanced business and marketing tools, which help you learn about your visitors and help convert them to clients.

What makes a website’s design simple?

Several key ingredients define simple web designs. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a personal blog or a business site, there’s a lot that your visitors can appreciate in a clean design.

A simple website doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve created something bland or stale. Just like with the web design examples shown above, it can be seen as an additional layer of creativity.

Creating a straightforward design frees your visitors from unnecessary distracting elements, that other websites might include. This is key for marketing and creating a trustworthy image.

Information is clear and transparent, which is especially important if you want to attract more business clients.

If you want to invite users to learn more about you, you can include an easy to navigate the menu, and email contact form, or links to your social media.

Such an approach is more engaging and attractive since complicated web designs have the potential of putting off visitors from the website’s core content.

Appearance is not the only reason why web designers prefer simplicity.

From a technical standpoint, uncomplicated websites load faster and are easier to navigate – creating a better user experience.

Website speed directly affects SEO marketing too, and that is an important factor if you want your online business to flourish.

Other than that, it’s way quicker to build a website or blog that includes less complicated design choices.

Simple website examples recap

With so many different website options available, that spotlight complicated and intricate design choices, choosing one that fits your ideas for your website can be difficult.

Fortunately, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Creating a simple website for either your business marketing strategy or a place to publish your creative content is more than enough.

It’s cost-effective, doesn’t require a lot of time or resources to build, and doesn’t need you to learn how to code.

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