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7 Tech Logo Trends and How They Impact Your Online Business

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 Logos are used to establish brand identity and should form a strong connection for your audience. A good logo is appropriate and practical, graphic, and yet simple. It’s supposed to convey the owner’s intended message.

However, it’s rare for the logo of any organization to remain the same forever.

Logo trends are evolving every year, and all businesses would be wise to pay close attention to see if their logo is becoming outdated in any way.  

Businesses should understand that having a modern logo is a great way to connect with customers, but they may need to change or revise it to match market trends. 

Large corporations understand this, which is why they will repeatedly invest millions of dollars into researching and changing their logos to help rebrand their companies.

And while the budget for the typical online business will be way, way smaller, the concept of changing your logo to improve customer engagement remains the same. 

Since changing a logo can be quite costly, it’s essential to make sure you do it right. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top logo trends.

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Business trends are always changing. Each year brings something new, and this year has certainly been no exception.

This year, we’ve seen businesses strive to become more personalized as over a third of all workers are now working online, and eCommerce businesses, in particular, have grown significantly. 

Logo updates are something smaller firms usually don’t think about very often. And yet, these businesses are often the ones with the most to gain as a fresh logo can provide an edge in the very competitive small business market.

Over time, fewer people will identify with your logo if it doesn’t keep pace with major business design trends, and this can cause you to lose revenue.

Your logo needs to be creative, distinctive, appropriate, and visually pleasing. Your business could also invest in hiring a professional graphic designer who can create such a logo while also keeping up with the current design trends that we will discuss next.

Remember that if you’re going to be changing or updating your logo, you should also change your website and social media design and arrangement to match your logo’s aesthetics and message as part of a rebranding overhaul.

Another way to get your logo and other elements of your website design created is to make sure you use a web host that comes with a web design service. 

As studies conducted by Aussie Web Hosting founder Nathan Finch have pointed out, one of the highest-rated web hosts, Hostinger actually utilizes Zyro as its website builder.

The fact that Hostinger uses artificial intelligence tools and features that are offered by Zyro tells you a lot. If a giant company like that is using Zyro, then maybe people who are looking for a new website building platform should too?

Here are the top seven logo trends for this year.

1. Simple and minimalistic design

Simple, straightforward, and minimalistic designs became very popular in recent years. In the future, we can expect this trend to continue as more companies are changing their logos into this style. The reason is simple: minimalistic designs are easy to use on every platform, either digital or printed.

If you want to lower the costs, simplified designs will do that for you since you won’t have to use many alternative logos for each different medium. Furthermore, if your company wants to let customers know about the simplicity of your products’ use, it could be the right choice.

2. Playful typography

Typography Posters Old

Fonts have always been fundamental in logo making. Now, we’re seeing a lot of designers putting the focus on the font. Right now, the trend is to create new fonts that have never been used before, and if done right, an original font can represent your company in a whole new way.

Tech companies are using this trend to their advantage and are creating new fonts that reflect the forward-thinking nature of their product.

When you make such a logo yourself, remember that there are many rules that the font has to support. You should either consult it with a graphic designer or do the research yourself.

3. Geometric designs

The use of geometry in logos has always been popular, and this year is no different. However, so far, the focus has been towards minimal geometry, with the goal being immediate impact and branding versatility. 

Numerous research studies, backed-up by UX design data, have revealed the best practices. Design mockups that offer realistic geometrical designs in a functional and visually appealing are the way to go and should demonstrate your company’s end-to-end understanding of the design process to the customer and the competition.

Using geometric objects for the company’s name, or creating an object representative of the company has also proved popular. While employing geometric framing in logos is becoming more widespread.

Geometric framing is particularly interesting since you can use minimal geometric design and a more complicated shape simultaneously.

This technique allows for the symmetrical and easy-going feeling of minimal geometric design while also leaving you space to be more creative when you want. 

4. Line art

Lines Child with Scooter

Another recent development that has become very popular in logo design is line art. This year is pushing this trend forward as numerous kinds of logos use it.

Line art is minimalistic and conveys feelings of peacefulness and simplicity. Many graphic designers consider it to be a timeless, elegant, and versatile art form. 

Logo designs that use line art are popular because they are easy to print or render on any medium or background, which you should always consider when picking a new logo design.

5. Retro designs

People love nostalgic items and designs. In the last few years, there has been a big analog revival – people are collecting vinyl, buying cassettes, and taking pictures on film – and the design world has taken note.

That’s why it is becoming increasingly common for brands to implement retro designs in their logos. 

Tech industry designs have been evolving for a long time, so you can get inspired and create a retro logo yourself. The most popular ones are the neon lights of the 1980s, retro game designs, or cartoonish designs from the 1930s. 

6. Raw and unpolished designs

Unfinished scyscraper

To distinguish yourself from the competition, try a logo with a more unpolished, raw design style. The focus is to escape the perfection that is promoted all around us. 

Digital designs can be so clean cut that they can become dull or overly corporate. Using some sketches of your logo can be a good idea if done right as it can inject a little bit more personality into your brand.

New technologies can often seem daunting to the everyday user, so why not try bringing it down a notch and make your product look more approachable? 

7. Dynamic gradients

Last but not least, the use of 3D gradients is a huge trend in logo design. Dynamic gradients allow you to choose your color palette and make a spectrum for use in your logo.

It is a great way to provide more energy for your logo. In particular, tapered gradients are appearing more and more in logo design as they tend to show the best contrast between colors.

3D gradients can be very beneficial to your branding efforts as the obvious design effort that goes into creating them make your brand seem more trustworthy and professional. 

Gradients have only one issue, but it is a big one: they are very hard to use in printed form. You will most likely need to use a different simplified version of your logo to use on paper.

Fortunately, though, 3D gradient logos are excellent for screens and can show shadows and depth in ways that other kinds of logos cannot.

For this reason, your web designers should make a concerted effort to include more dynamic gradients into your logos and designs when building your website.

Web builders and designers are responsible for making a site functional and aesthetically pleasing, which requires both creative and critical thinking in regards to how the fonts, buttons, colors, and icons should appear on the site.

As mentioned previously, when you update your logo, you should update your website and social media to match it. 

Design your own

Perhaps the most significant trend of all for logo designs this year is that logos are more versatile than they were before, utilizing a mix of both old throwbacks and new 3D gradients. 

Admittedly, this means it can be tough to decide which style would work best for your tech company. But at the same time, it also means that you will have more freedom than before in designing a logo for your company as well throughout the upcoming decade.

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