Puedes comprar un dominio HOY

Todo inicia al registrar el nombre de dominio perfecto

Comienza tu aventura en línea con un nombre de dominio que recuerden y prepara tu negocio para el éxito.


Cómo elegir el dominio correcto - 6 pasos

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  1. 1. Menos es más

    Evita guiones y números. Solo harán que tu dominio sea más difícil de recordar y de decir en voz alta.

  2. 2. Que sea fácil de reconocer

    Considera hacer que tu dominio esté estrechamente relacionado con tu marca y que sea corto, así será más probable que tus clientes lo recuerden.

  3. 3. Chequea las palabras clave

    Usa palabras clave específicas de tu nicho. Es una excelente manera de mostrar de qué se trata tu sitio y mejorar tu SEO.

  4. 4. Que sea coherente con tu audiencia

    Considera un dominio con terminación de país para un sitio dirigido a una región específica. Piensa en qué atraerá a tus visitantes.

  5. 5. Hazlo rápido

    El momento de actuar es ahora: te recomendamos comprar un dominio hoy. Las grandes ideas de dominio no están disponibles por mucho tiempo.

  6. 6. Considera ideas para tu dominio

    ¿Con la mente en blanco? Chequea el generador de dominios de Zyro. Una dirección web está a solo un clic de distancia.

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Domain name FAQs

  • What is a domain name?

    Websites are identified by a unique string of numbers called an IP address. However, a domain name changes that IP address into something more memorable, which can also be entered into a web browser address bar.

    For instance, Zyro’s domain name is zyro.com. The suffix – .com – is called a top level domain, or TLD for short.

    A domain name is not the same as a URL. A URL points to a particular page or part of a website, such as zyro.com/domains.

    Most of the time, companies choose their brand name as their domain name, but you don’t have to. However, since you will probably use your domain name in your business email address, it would make sense if the domain matches or closely resembles your brand.

  • How do domain names work?

    Once domain registration is complete, it will be linked to your website’s IP address.

    When someone types your website’s domain name in their internet browser, it searches for what’s called a Domain Name System (DNS). Think of it as a phone book that lists the website’s IP address alongside its domain name.

    Once the correct path is identified, it connects to the server that hosts the site’s files and sends it back in the form of a website to the browser that made the initial connection (aka your visitor).

  • How long does it take to register a domain?

    With Zyro, domain name registration is handled quickly and with no effort needed from you.

    Once you settle on a domain name and buy it, domain name registration is pretty much instant.

  • Can i use a domain i already own with zyro?

    Yes. Using your domain to access a website created with Zyro is quick and easy. We’ll handle all the technical stuff, so you can focus on growing your business.

    You will need to upgrade your account to be able to connect a domain to your Zyro website. Then, it’s a simple two-step process.

    First, you will need to connect your domain to your Zyro website. You will do this via your Zyro dashboard.

    Second, you will need to head to the website of your domain registrar and point your domain towards Zyro’s name servers.

    Don’t worry – our Customer Success team will be there to guide you through the entire process. From start to finish, your domain will be fully functional in just a few hours.

  • Why do i need a domain name?

    Choosing a domain name is one of the first things you should do when building a website. A proper domain name strengthens your company’s recognition and trustworthiness.

    Plus, if you buy a domain early on in your online journey, it’ll prevent anyone else from buying your desired domain.

    You also need a good domain name because it impacts search engine rankings. A domain that describes your business well can help you rank high on search engines and boost your traffic.

  • How do i buy a domain name?

    The process of buying a domain with Zyro is quick and simple:

    • Head to the top of this page and enter your desired domain name into the search box.

    • You’ll see a list of available domains. Choose which one you’d like to continue with.

    • Click Buy Domain next to the domain you want to purchase.

    Choose your payment method and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

  • How can i get a free domain?

    Need a new domain? You can get the perfect domain for your website – for FREE.

    If you sign up for the Unleashed, eCommerce, or eCommerce+ price plan with Zyro, you’ll get a free website domain name for an entire year.

    Head to our free domain page to find out more.

    As well as free domain registration, Zyro offers a bunch of other perks, like free web hosting and an SSL certificate.