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Building a website has never been this easy. Explore an intuitive builder that helps you become successful online. Outstanding modern templates, a free image library, grid tool, and AI text generator will help you launch your site in minutes.

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Build website in 3 easy steps

  • 1.choose


    Choose a carefully designer-crafted template that suits your needs.

  • 2.adjust


    Adjust the template to your liking and add or generate content.

  • 3.go live

    3.go live

    Click “Publish”, and your website is ready for the world to see.

Visual designer

modern template designs

Designs that are already made for you!

A wide range of modern, user-centric, mobile-friendly templates. All templates are crafted by professional designers and will help you stand out and be successful online

Pick yours!

a room for creativity

Express your creativity faster with a grid layout

Create consistency, proportion, rhythm and harmony across your website without any designer help! Grid layout gets you there faster by unifying your design


Everyone can be a great writer

AI Texter will instantly create trendy and professional texts personalized just for your website. More amazing AI features are coming, so stay tuned!

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How can we help you today?

We know that behind every great product is a great support team. That’s why we offer an expert help 24/7. Start a live chat and ask us anything that bothers you!


Library of quality images, totally free

Choose from over 1 million high-resolution images from the industry-leading Unsplash stock image library. Our deal allows you to use stunning images for your site completely free.


How to create a website

Make a website visitors will love in 5 quick steps:

1. Create your Zyro account – it’s quick and easy. Enter in the required details and you’re ready to start.

2. Choose your favorite template. Find the perfect option from a list of designer-made templates

3. Effortlessly customize your new website. Design the website of your dreams with the easy-to-use builder.

4. Use our AI-powered content generator to add content. Select your niche, set a few generator settings and get texts instantly.

5. Publish and share your website with the world. Start your online journey and grow your business

Website Builder FAQs

What is a Website Builder?

Traditionally, you’d need a lot of programming and graphic design knowledge to lay down the basic groundwork for a website. Nowadays, this isn’t the case at all. Zyro website builder allows you to easily make a visually pleasing and functional site in a matter of minutes.It offers plenty of easy-to-use features that do a lot of the hard work for you. With our builder, you can focus more on your business rather than some bothersome technicalities.

Is it easy to make a website with zyro website builder?

Very much so, yes. Our website builder was built with user-friendliness in mind. We’ve specially designed every aspect of our builder to be more reliable and convenient for everybody. We offer beautiful and carefully crafted pre-designed templates, a drag-and-drop grid system for smooth website customization and plenty of additional features to get that perfect website design.

Do I need coding knowledge to make a website?

Not at all. While some knowledge on website building can be helpful, using our Zyro website builder requires no knowledge of programming languages. We made sure that even a complete beginner will be comfortable using all of our builder’s features.

Is Zyro Website Builder SEO friendly?

Yes, we’ve constructed our website builder with built-in SEO features to make your job easier. Your website will be fully SEO optimized by default, but if you want more control over your content, our builder allows you to make improvements, such as changing your meta titles and descriptions. SEO rating relies on several factors and page speed is one of them. Zyro Website Builder ensures that your website will always reach peak performance.

Can I use custom domain?

Absolutely. Having a custom domain adds trust and identity to your brand. You can get a custom domain with Zyro in order to build a brand that lasts.

Can I host a website I created for free?

Yes, you can. With Zyro, you will get fast and reliable free web hosting with server locations all over the world. Whether you have a local or an international website, it will always perform like it needs to. All free of charge.

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