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Beautiful website design sets you apart

Don't waste money on expensive web design. Build a professional-looking site yourself in no time – no design skills necessary.

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Here’s how to design a website in 7 steps

Unleash your creativity and design your dream website with Zyro.

1. Pick a website template

Choose your favorite template that resonates with your business or brand the most.

2. Choose your colors

Easily change the color scheme of your website and match it to your brand.

3. Add new elements

Choose new elements like buttons, social links, maps, and contact forms.

4. Add images

Upload your own images or pick from a free library of over 1 million pictures.

5. Write content

Write your own compelling content or let Zyro's AI Writer help.

6. Take control of seo

For each page of your site, you can change the titles and meta descriptions.

Eye-catching website building

Website designing isn’t just about pretty looks. It’s an important part of your brand identity. With a Zyro website, you can stand out for all the right reasons and make your visitors trust you more.

Designer-made site templates

Let your website stand out

Don't just build your website from scratch. Pick the perfect template with all of the must-have features for your business. Our drag-and-drop editor makes site customization super easy.

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Responsive and mobile-friendly

Website design for all devices

You won’t miss out on any source of traffic with a website that’s fully responsive – lucky, lucky. The website will look great on any device, because our templates are designed with mobile-friendliness in mind.

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Make sure your site gets found

Your Zyro site is SEO optimized out of the box. That means that search engines will find it easier to index your site, and will rank it higher for relevant keywords. Save your time.

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A bulletproof hosting service

Everything technical handled for you

Not only will you enjoy free hosting, but Zyro guarantees 99.9% uptime guarantee, super-fast loading speeds, and top-notch site security. No technical experience needed.

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The benefits of great website design

Design influences every important metric of your website. If your design is good, your visitors will have a better experience, your website will climb the search engine result pages, and it will boost your conversion rates too.

Improved SEO

A well-designed website is more effective at ranking your page higher on Google's search result pages. And don't forget – organic search traffic is the most valuable on the web.

Better user experience

The #1 factor that decides how a user interacts with your website is your web design decisions. An easy-to-navigate website encourages visitors to hang around for longer.

Increased traffic

To increase your website traffic, you need to offer something compelling. As well as featuring great content, your website needs to look its best too. Upgrading the design is a great first step.

More conversions

Want to encourage visitors to make a purchase, sign up to your website, or provide contact information? Then you need to have an online presence that's professional and trustworthy.

AI - Driven features

Design is just one element of website creation, and branding is another one. Get your business website set up for success with the help of Zyro's AI tools.

  • A mockup of AI heatmap being used

    AI Heatmap

    Knowing exactly where to place important information and buttons on your site can be annoying guesswork for web designers. However, with Zyro's AI Heatmap tool, you can find out exactly what your visitors and potential clients are going to focus on.

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    AI Slogan Generator

    If there's one thing that is challenging in digital marketing, it's coming up with a catchy slogan. It should sum up what your digital company is about and show people how you approach work. That's why we've created the AI Slogan Generator.

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    AI Writer

    If you're the kind of person who doesn't have the time or skill to create unique, readable, SEO-friendly content for your website, we have a solution for you. Use Zyro's AI Writer to create engaging copy that will keep visitors glued to their screens.

    Create content in an instant
  • Mockup of a blog title being edited in Zyro website builder

    AI Blog Title Generator

    Need inspiration to come up with the next big blog idea? Another of Zyro's AI-powered tools is the Blog Title Generator, which will suggest innovative and interesting blog titles for you to write about. Just choose which topic you want to cover and it'll do the rest.

    Get blog title ideas
  • An image of a beach and a URL

    AI Business Name Generator

    Have you not yet found the perfect name for your brand or company? Zyro's AI Business Name Generator can help. Pick which industry you work in and it will create a number of suggestions you can either use straight away or use as inspiration.

    Find the perfect name

Skillfully designed templates for your brand or business

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