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The secret to your online success

These are the features that make building and managing a website with Zyro so quick and easy.

Create your website

Drag-and-drop editor

  • Professional templates

    Find a designer-made template that works well for your business and customize it to make it your own.

  • No coding necessary

    No web experience? No problem. Build a website without having to touch a single line of code.

  • Complete creative control

    Our drag-and-drop editor and the handy grid feature lets you add, edit, and remove any elements you need.

  • Brilliant blogging tools

    Share your thoughts, tell your story, and attract new traffic with a blog on your Zyro website.

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eCommerce functionality

  • Quick store launch

    Pick a template with an online store page or add one to an existing Zyro website in minutes.

  • Payment and shipping

    Choose which payment and shipping services you want to offer, from dozens of options.

  • Easy management

    One dashboard for everything – from inventory and orders to tracking, to reporting and customer service.

  • Tools to grow

    Launch Google and social media ad campaigns, benefit from SEO optimization, and employ email marketing.

  • Sell anywhere

    Connect to Amazon , Facebook , and Instagram to sell your products across channels.

  • Deep reporting

    Find out where traffic comes from and optimize your conversions with tools like Google Analytics, Kliken, and MoneyData.

  • Simple CRM

    Keep your customers happy and increase sales with automated emails, customizable discounts, and coupon codes.

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Domains and hosting

  • Free hosting

    Free hosting is included in every Zyro price plan, so you’ll never need to worry about extra hosting costs.

  • Cloud hosting

    Your Zyro website is hosted on cloud servers, meaning that your visitors are guaranteed a fast and reliable experience.

  • Free domain

    Some Zyro premium plans come with 1 year of free domain registration . Choose any domain for your website – for free.

  • Automatic scaling

    As your website grows, so will your need for storage and bandwidth. Luckily, Zyro automatically scales to meet your needs.

  • Connect existing domain

    Have an existing domain you’d like to use for your Zyro website? It’s really easy to connect your domain to your Zyro website.

  • 99.9% uptime

    Thanks to our reliable cloud hosting, Zyro websites are guaranteed to be up and operational at least 99.9% of the time.

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Service and security

  • 24/7 support

    If you run into any problems with any aspect of your website, you can contact our dedicated customer success team.

  • SSL security

    To ensure your visitor data is safe, your website is secure, and search engines rank your site, your website is protected with HTTPS encryption.

  • Knowledge base

    You’ll find all of the answers to any questions you may have in our extensive . Have a look.

  • Transaction protection

    All online transactions on Zyro online stores are protected by the highest rated transaction protection security.

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Search optimization

  • Optimized out of the box

    You’ll get speedy loading, mobile optimization, automatic meta tags, cloud hosting, and encrypted SSL security.

  • Control meta tags

    Take control of your on-page SEO by editing the page titles and meta descriptions, as well as the alt text of all your images.

  • SEO-friendly content

    Need SEO-friendly copy, but don’t have the time or skill to write it? Our Ai writer will generate content in a few seconds.

  • Analytics tools

    Get rich data of your website’s search engine performance with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

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Powerful integrations

  • Understand traffic source

    Use tools like Google Analytics to see where your visitors come from and how you can best serve them.

  • Target the right audience

    Get insights from tools like Facebook pixel, Pinterest tag, Google Ad Tags, and Snapchat pixel to target your ads.

  • Visualize visitor behavior

    With tools like Google Tag Manager, Hotjar and Kliken, you can see exactly how customers behave on your website.

  • Connect with visitors

    With the Facebook Live Chat integration, chat with your visitors directly on your website. Capture their details too.

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  • Responsive design

    Your Zyro website is responsive by default. All pages will automatically resize to look their best on any device.

  • Mobile editing and preview

    Edit desktop and mobile page layouts separately, and see how your pages will look on mobile devices before they’re published.

  • Mobile store management

    Manage your online store from anywhere with an iOS and Android mobile app. Access orders even when you’re offline.

  • Speedy loading

    Zyro websites are lightweight and fast, so they’ll perform fantastically even on mobile. It’ll boost your search engine rankings, too.

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AI business tools

  • AI Writer

    Let Zyro help you create search optimized, unique, and creative content in no time. Our AI Writer will instantly generate text for you.

  • AI Blog Title Generator

    If you’re looking for inspiration for your next blog to connect with your visitors, try our Blog Title Generator .

  • AI Business Name Generator

    Need the perfect name to represent your brands? Our AI Business Name Generator will offer dozens of unique options.

  • Ai heatmap

    Deciding where to put important information and buttons on a webpage can feel like guesswork. Our Ai heatmap will help.

  • Ai slogan generator

    Ensure customers remember your business with a catchy tagline. Let Zyro’s AI Slogan Generator make suggestions.

  • Ai logo maker

    Not everyone’s a graphic design genius. For those who aren’t, our AI Logo Maker will help you create a unique logo in no time.

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