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Image Resizer

Image resizing made simple with our free online image or photo resizer. Resize your images and make them perfect for the internet no matter where you want to use them.

or drop an image file (.jpeg, .png)

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Resize images online

Use our online Image Resizer to resize your images to fit your website needs. Whether this is a profile image, YouTube banner, something for Instagram stories, a GIF image, or a product picture, all formats have an ideal size that it is best displayed at.

Simply drag and drop your photo or image file to the image upload field and you’re all set. Next, you can choose the image size and aspect ratio that matches your website’s needs.

Why? Well, if you’ve ever created a website, had an online store, or even just used social media, you’ll know that images are very important when it comes to the user experience. And full-width images that take up the whole page usually do the exact opposite.

Change image dimensions to display your products on your site, online store, or social media exactly the way you want to – without losing quality, altering the format, or compressing the file size.

Our free image resizer creates pictures of perfect dimensions and aspect ratio for every device and situation without the need to crop out any pixels.

How to use the free Image Resizer

Using our online image resizer tool is easy. Follow these steps to create images of any size and aspect ratio, perfect for your social media profile, portfolio, email attachments, or online business.


    Select the saved image from the internet or the photo from your device that you wish to resize.


    Drag and drop the image onto the image upload section on the page, or click Upload image to manually upload the image to the online image resizer.


    Choose the correct dimensions that are right for your image from the listed options to find the perfect size to resize your image to.


    Click Download image to save the image. This is absolutely free of charge.


    Add your newly resized images to your site, Facebook profile, blog, online store, or anywhere else on the web for a perfect fit.

How does an online Image Resizer work

Our free online image resizer can change the dimensions of images while maintaining photo quality at the same time.

Until recently, changing the size of images online meant scaling an image to a bigger image size, or compressing images to make them smaller. Sometimes, people even chose to crop pixels out of the frame of their resized image. These processes tend to reduce picture quality as photos are either stretched or shrunk.

An online image resizer copies and repeats pixel information to fill out the new image size and aspect ratio you need for your photos without losing quality.

This makes it possible to not just reduce the size of your image, but also to increase the height and width of an image to upscale it to larger sizes without distorting the resized images.

Unlike traditional resize image technology, our free image resizer can display even low-resolution images at a large size without any drop in picture quality.

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Free Online Image Resizer – FAQs

  • Unless you're a proficient user of photography software, it's hard to convert and resize images with conventional tools without losing quality.Traditionally, cropping and scaling images have been the only ways to fit big horizontal images to a thumbnail or header. The beauty of an image resizer lies in its infrastructure: it's been built to generate high-quality images no matter the aspect ratio resize.When you resize your images, you make them easier for websites to handle, improving things like loading speed and user experience.On social media websites like Facebook and YouTube, resizing photos ensures that each image, thumbnail, and logo looks pixel perfect, helping you to establish a truly professional brand and business online.
  • An image resizing tool is used to fit an image to a specific dimension. This could be for a profile picture, a banner image, or photos of products on your online store. Each format has an ideal picture size. Your internet images and photos come in infinite sizes.Resize the image and you can fit it perfectly without the need to crop. High-quality images improve user experience and increase trust. If your website or online store doesn’t look just right, your customers are going to bounce.You should also consider resizing images for email attachments, Facebook, and video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo (you need a thumbnail for each uploaded video, after all).
  • Our image resizer is really easy to use. You simply need to upload your images to the tool, specify the aspect ratio resize you want, and the image resizer takes care of the rest.We recommend using .JPG and .PNG file formats for the best results. No pixels are harmed in the process, either.
  • Yes. Just like all other online Zyro tools, like the AI Content Generator or the Logo maker, the online image resizer tool is free to use.Simply drag and drop an image or picture file to create high-quality images that are perfect for your website slideshows, online business, or social media – for free.There's no cap on how many images you can or can't resize, either. This means that, for example, whether you need an optimized background for your blog, a new portrait for your staff member or logo, or an SEO-optimized landscape image for your photography portfolio, the image resizer tool has your back.
  • The image resizer tool can resize image file formats such as .JPG, and .PNG. It supports the most popular file formats for images online.Simply drag and drop your .JPG, or .PNG image onto the tool and select the size that you would like to adjust your picture to.That way, if you want to edit it further on your computer, you have a blank canvas to work with for your next Instagram story, Facebook thumbnail, or screen saver.
  • Rather than resizing images to every size, the image resizer is able to resize images to the sizes that are most important for site functionality.This means that the tool lets you choose from various sizes after you've finished the image upload.This way, you won't waste time shifting through various versions of your photo after uploading, but instead can tell the tool how you want your .JPG or .PNG file to be resized from the start.