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Sell Art Online

Build a website fit for fine art

Create your art store Art accessories

Create a beautiful and unique online gallery space, and sell your work through your own online store.

Effortless and quick

Use a website builder that's fast and intuitive

You don't have to be an artist to create a beautiful website with Zyro. Choose a professional, designer-made template, then use the drag-and-drop builder to arrange and edit page elements with ease. Just like that.

Dashboard functions

Easy ecommerce

Quick to set up and easy to manage

It's simple to add a store to your website. You can manage inventory, orders, shipping, billing, and customer communication – all from a single dashboard. You can create a store to sell your art in minutes. No commission charged.

Powerful marketing

Find the right audience for your art

With integrated tools for SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing, Zyro makes it easy for you to identify and target the right buyers. Get your art in front of the right eyes, and grow your sales.

Powerful marketing

AI branding tools

Create a brand for your art business

Present your art at its best – on a website that has a cohesive brand identity. Zyro helps you create a logo, name your business, create unique content, and build a brand around your art.

Brand your business

Customer friendly

Build a great user experience

Websites built with Zyro are always responsive on mobile, offer simple navigation, are fast to load, and guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. The best way to sell art online is to offer your potential customers the best experience possible.

User experience
Helpful support

Helpful support

Enjoy the support available 24/7

You're an artist, not a web developer. If you need help with any feature of your website or online store, our support is available around the clock to offer helpful advice.

Sell art online anywhere

Just because you have a beautiful website to sell your art and act as an online gallery, that doesn't mean you're limited to selling there.

  1. Sell on social media

    All Zyro eCommerce plans come with the option of selling your art on social media platforms.

    With Facebook , you are able to sync your store inventory with your Facebook Business page, and make sales to users directly through the platform. If you make a sale on Facebook, the order is handled through your Zyro dashboard.

    With Instagram , you are able to post photos of your art or online paintings, and tag items from your store. This means that anyone interested in your art will be redirected straight to your website and store to make a purchase.

  2. Sell on marketplaces

    Having a store of your own is great, but what about customers who want to buy art through sites like Amazon?

    Luckily, you're able to connect your Amazon sales account to Zyro, sync up your inventory with your store, and make sales on the platform. Customers can buy your art directly on the platform, without having to visit your site.

    Not only does this increase the reach of your business, but it also offers your potential customers the best possible user experience. Finding your customers where they already are is better than making them come to you.

  3. Sell while on the go

    Stay connected and keep making sales while you manage your business on the go.

    You can add new items to your store, manage listings, arrange billing and shipping, and even communicate with customers from your iOS or Android smartphone. Keep selling your art, even while you're on the move.

Only pay for the features you need

When you sell art online with Zyro, you have a choice of eCommerce plans. This means you only need to pay for the features you actually need. You can upgrade at any time if your needs change.


Zyro's eCommerce plan comes with everything you need to start selling your art online. Set up your store, market your work, sell on multiple platforms, and optimize your store. You'll never pay commission on sales.


Zyro's eCommerce plan is designed for artists and art dealers who want to up their game. Offer users abandoned card recovery, a multilingual store, group discounts, and other helpful add-ons.

How to sell your art online with a Zyro website

Your online art gallery and shop can be open in minutes. Simply follow these easy steps.

  1. 01

    Join Zyro

    Signing up for a Zyro account is quick and easy. Choose from our eCommerce or eCommerce+ plans to start selling your creations.

  2. 02

    Create your website

    Zyro's intuitive website builder is based on a drag-and-drop grid. Choose a professional template, then simply drag, drop and edit elements to suit your brand identity and the style of your work.

  3. 03

    Add an online store

    It's fast and easy to add an eCommerce page to your Zyro website. You can change the appearance, add inventory, and set your preferences – all from a single handy dashboard.

  4. 04

    Promote your business

    User Zyro's extensive marketing tools to share your work. Benefit from SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing and more. Make sure the right people find your art.

  5. 05

    Keep growing

    Once you start selling, grow your reach and income with optimization tools from Zyro. Learn about your visitors and optimize sales through your site.

    If you don't want to sell your work online, but just want an online gallery or portfolio space, you can use Zyro at a lower cost to build the perfect website for your needs.

Online art store startup checklist

Plan to sell artwork online? Follow these steps to success.

  • 01

    Choose your market

    Are you a fine art dealer, or a hobbyist keen to sell their own prints? The kind of artist or art trader you are will have a huge impact on how you sell your goods.

    If you're unsure where to begin, try the following:

    • Think about what you're an expert in

    • Try to find a niche or gap in the market

    • Research what kind of art is most popular to sell online

    • Connect with other artists who are selling on the internet for advice

  • 02

    Find your products

    Obviously, if you're an artist making their own work, you'll already have a selection of work to sell. If not, you'll need to either make or purchase the works you plan to sell.

    When finding or making your works, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

    • How many people are selling similar art pieces on the internet?

    • Is there a target market that you can serve with your artworks?

    • What kind of art do people in that target market want?

    • What are the profit margins for that type of art?

  • 03

    Secure your domain

    Your website's domain, or URL, is the first thing that potential customers will know about your site. Make sure that it's impactful.

    With Zyro, you can search for and purchase the perfect domain for your site. If you already have a domain name, use the domain transfer service to use your existing domain with your Zyro site.

    When choosing a domain, make sure that it's:

    • Relevant to your brand. Including a keyword related to your art can help with SEO.

    • Memorable Make it as easy as possible for customers to find you again and again.

    • Unique In a crowded market, it's incredibly important to stand out from your competition.

    • Simple and easy to spell Don't use numbers, abbreviations, or any symbols which aren't letters.

  • 04

    Create an online store

    Once you know your market, have your products, and have secured your domain, it's time to create your site and online store. With Zyro's drag-and-drop builder, this part of the process is incredibly easy.

    Just pick a template that best suits your style and needs. For an art site, pick a template with plenty of gallery space for your products to be displayed. Then, simply edit the features to your liking.

    When building your website, keep the following in mind:

    • Ensure your website's logo, layout, color scheme, and design represent your brand.

    • Keep navigation easy, ensuring a pleasant user experience.

    • Give customers all the information they need about ordering, shipping, and returns.

    • Be sure to keep your website free of unnecessary features that slow loading times.

  • 05

    Select your payment and shipping options

    Though they might be a little boring to think about, billing and shipping are key to your customers' overall experience of purchasing from you. You need to make sure they have as many helpful options as possible.

    With Zyro, you have plenty of choice when it comes to shipping and billing options:

    • Pick from over 50 payment options, including credit card payments, wire transfers, Square, and PayPal.

    • Choose as many shipping rates and carriers as you need. Zyro's smart calculator ensures your customers get the best possible rates.

    • All transactions on Zyro are encrypted; Zyro eCommerce is PCI DSS validated Level 1, which is the highest standard for online transaction security.

  • 06

    Launch and market your store

    Once your store is all set up and you have all your preferences set, it's time to take your website live and start advertising your art. This is when you reach out to the world and tell them all about what you have on offer.

    Thanks to Zyro's marketing integrations, setting up marketing campaigns can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply follow these steps:

    • Choose pieces to advertise Whether it's your newest or most popular products, choose what you think customers will be the most interested in.

    • Design and make your ad Think about your target audience, the kind of message they'll be receptive to, and the setting in which they'll see your ad.

    • Launch the сampaign Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google make it easy to choose how much to spend on a campaign, and to choose the kind of users to target.

    • Track the campaign performance Zyro's integrations help you collect data on how your ads perform. Use these insights to improve future marketing efforts

Selling art online FAQs

  • If you're an artist or art collector with works to sell, you've a huge choice of places to put up a painting for sale. Many art galleries feature online stores or even hold online auctions. However, third-party sellers always charge commission.If you want to avoid paying commission altogether, it's best to create your own space to sell paintings and prints online.This might include a website with an accompanying shop, but might also mean opening accounts on marketplaces like Amazon, or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.The decision about where it is best to start selling your work online will be dictated by the kind of art you're selling.There are lots of painters online who treat places like Facebook and Amazon like art fairs, selling low-value paintings or prints at as high a volume as possible.However, if you work with original art or fine art, you might find it better to create a website that functions as an online art gallery. Give your customers and prospective art collectors a great view of your work in an environment you control.If you choose to create your website with Zyro, you won’t need to compromise, since you can sell anywhere you want. You can sync inventory, orders, shipping, and billing between your own store, Amazon, Facebook and other platforms with ease.
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