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The Best Alternative to Squarespace Is Zyro

Some users say that Squarespace is more difficult to use than other website builders, and that you have to pay too much for basic features.

Of the Squarespace alternatives available, Zyro is the best at combining affordable pricing with ease of use. You’ll get a great-looking and a high-performing website with Zyro.

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What is Zyro?

Zyro is a website builder, like Squarespace, which helps you create beautiful and powerful websites. It is simple to use, quick to set up, and enables you to create custom websites without any design or coding knowledge.

Builder tools
  • Drag-and-drop builder

    Editing is made easy with the help of Zyro's drag-and-drop builder. Choose the right elements and simply drag them into place on your page.

    Preview your site on different devices and launch. Web design has never been simpler.

  • Free web hosting

    With Zyro, speedy and secure hosting is guaranteed. Your website is stored on a cloud server, meaning that you're guaranteed 99.9% uptime and pages that load in the blink of an eye. Go for Zyro when you need speed and reliability.

  • 100% Secure

    All Zyro plans provide you with an SSL certificate, among other security features. These make sure that all data on your website or provided by your users is safe.

  • eCommerce ready

    Zyro features a number of marketing integrations for your website. The list includes Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and Messenger Live Chat. These help you optimize your website for conversions and connect with customers.

Is Zyro the best Squarespace alternative?

Zyro has easy to use features that give it an edge over Squarespace.

Price per month



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Marketing integrations

Google Analytics

Free stock image library

No service ads

Mobile optimized websites

SEO tools

Facebook Chat integration

Business name generator

Slogan generator

24/7 Support

  • More affordable

    Among Squarespace alternatives, Zyro stands out for having the most affordable pricing.

    As well as having a free plan which allows you to make a website at no cost, its premium plans give you maximum control at a low price.

    Without a paid plan you can create a website, use all of Zyro's free website builder tools, and launch your website for as long as you want. There are no limits to your customization or quality of your website.

    If you want more features, you have multiple paid plan options.

  • Faster to set up

    Having elements drag and drop into place doesn't just make web design easy. It also makes it quick. Zyro helps you go from nothing to a published website in a matter of minutes. It has a number of features that help speed things up.

    Firstly, Zyro makes dozens of templates available for you to use. These are designer-created themes which give you a head start in the development process. You can build on and edit these to your liking.

    You also have access to over a million stock images that can be used for free .

  • Easier to use

    Zyro's simple drag-and-drop editing tool gives you the ability to drag and drop elements for your site into position on a grid. The interface makes it simple to add and edit everything on your page with the click of your mouse.

    While other website builders require you to know how to code, Zyro keeps things simple. Our software makes sure that you can create a brilliant site without the technical know-how or the need to hire an expensive developer.

Want to create your own website, but not ready to pay for it yet?

While most of the time you won't get access to premium features without paying, some website building tools are more generous than others. Let's compare how these two platforms measure up for creating a free site.

Can you use Zyro for free?


Though Zyro has multiple paid plans to choose from, you can choose the free plan. This is a long-term website plan, which doesn't require any payment. Ever.

Zyro's free plan offers access to the same website building tools as the paid plans. This includes the use of the drag-and-drop editor, a choice of designer-made templates, access to over a million free images, and SEO optimization.

You can keep your free website as long as you like, and there is no pressure to level up to a paid website.

Can you use Squarespace for free?


Squarespace does have the option to try the website builder for free for 14 days. However, after those two weeks, you either need to pay or lose your website.

Squarespace price plans start at $16 per month. However, if you're looking to build a business website or an online store, you'll need the Business plan, which starts at $26 per month.

While Squarespace is great to create a website when you're able to pay, Zyro is a great alternative to Squarespace if you want your website for free. With similar features and easy editing, Zyro is an obvious winner.

Builder image settings

Is Zyro better than Squarespace for business?

While it's clear Zyro is excellent for personal use, it also provides several features that make it useful for businesses.

  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

    Using these Google products helps you optimize your website for eCommerce.

    Google Analytics gives you an overview of where your traffic is coming from and how your users behave on your website. You can use this data to improve your pages.

    Google Tag manager allows you to track specific user actions. If you want visitors to click a certain button or visit a link, you can use tags to see if they do. Tag Manager makes it easy to organize these tags without needing to code.

  • Hotjar

    Hotjar is a tool that creates heatmaps to visualize how your users behave on your website.

    By showing you which areas of your pages get a lot of attention and which go ignored, it helps you design for conversions. Place info where it will be read, and put buttons where users are most likely to click them.

User analytics

Integrations and price give Zyro an edge over Squarespace

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