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Choose from dozens of free wedding website templates when you sign up to Zyro. The best wedding website builders take the stress out of your special day while offering you total creative freedom. That's why we have dozens of fully customizable designer-made modern templates that you can fit into your wedding theme. Choose a specifically made wedding template or edit any other template to create a professional website for your wedding.

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Our innovative grid system and drag-and-drop functionality will help you achieve wedding website builder perfection. We'll take care of everything for you, so you have more time to plan your rehearsal dinner, wedding party, bridal party, or bridal shower. No matter what you want to do on your special day, Zyro will make it much easier to organize. From wedding-specific features such as an RSVP form, a photo album, or wedding registries, you can add it all on Zyro with just a few clicks.

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The best wedding website builders let your personality shine through while offering premium features such as a custom domain name for your wedding date, support for your wedding guests, and everything you could ever need for your personal wedding planning journey. Use wedding planning tools to organize all the details of your wedding day, upload photos, set the dress code, and more.

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If you need a wedding website, Zyro is there to make everything as easy as possible for your big day. Wedding website builders should take a weight off your shoulders and that's why we offer round-the-clock customer support.

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All Zyro templates are fully customizable. You can add any feature to any template you like. Learn more


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Get a professional-looking website with the best wedding website builder.

  • 1. Sign in or join Zyro and choose your website plan.

  • 2. Pick from one of our wedding-specific templates to get started.

  • 3. Customize anything and everything on your wedding sites with our website editor

  • 4. Use Zyro's AI tools to build the best wedding websites.

  • 5. Publish your website and announce your wedding details today.

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  1. 1. Brand your wedding to make it more memorable.

    Generate a logo that reflects your couple's personality.

  2. 2. Manage your guest list.

    Get people on your guest list to RSVP to your invite, create a guest list manager, add plus-ones, and choose their food.

  3. 3. Make your memories last a lifetime.

    Use wedding templates from our template library to create easy photo galleries for both you and your guest photos

  4. 4. Get a custom url

    Personalize your love story with a free wedding domain when you sign up for 12 months or more.

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    Weddings are expensive already, take the stress away with your own website from $2.59 per month.

Wedding Website Builder - FAQs:

  • The sooner you create your website, the less stressful the entire process will be. The rule of the thumb is that you should have a website and a gift registry available when you send your guests the digital 'save the dates'.
  • A generic website builder can make a passable wedding website, but remember that a wedding website should be the first stepping stone in your planning journey.Your big day is a complex event and loads of information needs to be conveyed to your guests.First, include a form where people can RSVP. It's important to know how many people are planning to attend so you can deal with catering, seating arrangements and so on. Second, share as much practical information with your guests as possible, not just your engagement photos from your engagement shoot.This will be the information about where the wedding will take place, where the reception will be held and the timeline for it all. Don't forget to share information on what accommodation is available in the area too.Finally, you can do all your guest list management get your guests to RSVP, and add your wedding registry page.
  • Sure thing. Adding a map of your wedding location makes it easier for guests to visualize where you're hosting your wedding.The map element is simple to add to your location page or footer. Simply drag and drop the element to the desired location on the page.Don't forget to add the postal address and additional instructions if your venue is difficult to reach.
  • You can name your wedding website whatever you'd like. Most of the couples go for a combination of their names.Others add little meaningful words and intertwine them with their names. Others still want their wedding to be a huge deal and give it a brand.Go ahead and try our brand name generator to see if you can come up with a memorable name for your wedding.And then don't forget to register a domain in the name of your wedding too.It will help your guests to find your website and make things much easier when you need to tell people where they can find information about the dress codes, digital stationery, gift registries and more.
  • Want to build a wedding site, but are slightly suspicious as to how our tools cost so little? We get you.Although the best things in life are free, everything marriage-related usually costs a premium. Zyro strives to be your perfect wedding planning platform, offering you not only an affordable website but also plenty of tools and features to make the experience easier.We are focused on offering website builder services for beginners, first-timers, and small business owners.We know that start-up costs are a big part of achieving your online success and that is why we offer affordable website tools that anyone can use without having to worry about their bank account.
  • Tell your guests about your life leading up to the wedding and your engagement story until now. As you send out your wedding invitations, you want to direct the guests to your website, where a fun story could help them get a sense of you as a couple.You can either write the story yourself or, if you aren't great at it, use the AI Writer tool .Simply give it a few sentences to work with and let it generate a unique text in seconds. Customize the text and publish it on your website with one click of a button.Once you have been given some great ideas you can then edit the text to match the specifics for your website and your story for the benefit of all of your guests.

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