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How to choose the right domain – 6 tips

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  1. 1. Less is more

    Avoid hyphens and numbers. They will only make your domain harder to remember and say out loud.

  2. 2. Make it recognizable

    Consider making your domain short and closely related to your brand. It will make it more likely to stick.

  3. 3. Check for keywords

    Use niche-specific keywords. It’s a great way to show what your site is about and boost your SEO.

  4. 4. Tailor to your audience

    Consider a country code domain for a site that is aimed at a specific region. What will resonate with your visitors?

  5. 5. Speed matters

    The time to act is now – great domain ideas don’t stay available for long. Register a domain name today.

  6. 6. Get ideas for your domain name

    Stumped and out of ideas? Check out Zyro’s domain name generator . A web address is just a click away.

Already own a domain?

Moving a domain to Zyro is quick and easy. Transfer your domain and never have to worry about any of the techy bits again.

Transfer Your Domain
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Why buy a domain name with Zyro?

No need to break the bank. Get a premium domain for a great price when you build a website with Zyro and enjoy the ride.

  • Affordable registrations & renewals

    Low-cost domain name registration is just the start. Get fair renewal prices and invest your money into growth, not upkeep.

  • Free domain name

    Zyro offers everything you need to create the website of your dreams. Choose the PRO plan and get free domain registration for the first year – no strings attached.

  • Domain privacy protection

    Keep your personal information safe and sound. Enable WHOIS privacy protection and make sure your contact details are hidden from public databases.

  • A Trusted Registrar

    Zyro has partnered up with an ICANN accredited registrar that offers fair prices, transparent policies, and keeps your data secure. Choose a domain provider you can trust.

Domain Name FAQs

  • What Is a Domain Name?

    Websites are identified by a unique string of numbers called an IP address. However, a domain name changes that address into something much more palatable.

    For instance, Zyro’s domain name is An additional suffix – .com – is called a top-level domain, or TLD for short.

    A domain name is not the same as a URL. A URL points to a particular page or part of a website, such as

    Most of the time, companies choose their brand name as their domain name, but you don’t have to.

    There are instances of more creative ideas, such as using your slogan to create a domain name.

    Having a good domain name also impacts your SEO. Owning a website with an easy to pronounce domain makes a strong and lasting impression on your visitors.

  • Can I Change a Domain Name Later?

    Unfortunately, you cannot change your domain name once it’s registered and active.

    What you could do is backup your data, purchase a new domain and set it up as you would for a new Zyro account.

    If you have specific questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact our Zyro Customer Support team.

  • What Is Privacy Protection?

    WHOIS is used to collect information on domain names and to whom it belongs to. This information includes registration and expiration date of your domain, domain owner’s name and contact details, et cetera.

    Having access to this information is useful, but it also means your data is publicly available.

    If you want to protect your private information, we have a feature that hides all of your personal data. You’ll find out more about this by logging into your Zyro account and accessing the Domains page.

  • How Long Does a Domain Name Last For?

    You can buy a domain for a period of no longer than three years, after which you’ll have to purchase the license again.

    If for any reason, you can’t renew your license, there’s a renewal grace period that prevents your domain name from becoming publicly accessible. This is done so that you would have enough time to extend your ownership of the domain.

  • How Long Does It Take to Register a Domain?

    Once you’ve settled on a domain name and sent it out for processing, it will be registered almost immediately.

    When the process is complete, you can check whether your domain is live by logging into your Zyro account.

  • What If a Domain Name Is Already Taken?

    Unfortunately, if a specific domain name is already registered, there’s no way of acquiring it.

    You could wait until its license expires and see if the owner fails to renew it. If that happens, the domain will become publicly available shortly after.

  • How Do Domain Names Work?

    Once you buy and register your domain, it will be linked to your website’s IP address.

    When someone types in your website’s address on their internet browser, it searches for what’s called a Domain Name System (DNS). Think of it as a phone book that lists the website’s IP address alongside its domain name.

    Once a path is identified, it connects to the server that hosts the site’s files and sends it back in form of a website to the browser that made the initial connection (aka your visitor).

  • Can I Transfer a Domain to Zyro?

    Yes, you can transfer your domain from an old registrar to Zyro.

    There are several reasons why you would want to do that. For example, having a domain on Zyro could save you money or you might simply want all of your website activity to take place under one ‘roof’.

    If you decide to transfer your domain to Zyro, first check if you meet the necessary requirements .

    Fill in the requested information to begin the transferring process. It might take anywhere between several minutes to a couple of days. However, this process is automatic, so you won’t have to do anything at all.

    If you want to transfer several domains at the same time, contact our support team.

  • Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

    Choosing a domain name is one of the first things you should do when building a website. A proper domain name strengthens your company’s recognition and trustworthiness.

    Plus, if you secure a domain early on, it guarantees that no one will steal your business name from right under your nose.

    You also need a good domain name because it impacts search engine rankings. A domain that describes your business well can help you rank high on search engines and boost your traffic.

  • How to Use the Domain Name Search?

    If you want to check whether a domain name is available or not, you should head to our Domain Name Search page .

    Type in your desired domain name into the search bar and a list of available options will be shown to you.

    Use the filter option to separate each query by domain extension.

    Once you’re happy with your results, choose your favorite domain and proceed to the checkout page.

  • What Is a TLD, gTLD and ccTLD?

    TLD: a top-level domain is the last section of your website’s full domain name and it comes right after the dot. Historically, it was used to determine the type of a website. Nowadays, those boundaries are largely blurred.

    gTLD: generic top-level-domains are some of the most popular domains available. These include .com, .xyz, .tech and .online – all of which are available on Zyro.

    ccTLD: country-code top-level domain is used to represent the country where the website is based, such as .es for Spain or .ca for Canada. These sites can be used for both personal and commercial projects, which are generally focused on one country’s audience or market.