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Free web hosting for your business

Get easy-to-manage website hosting. It’s completely free and scalable too, so you can focus on what matters the most – your business.

Build a Free Website
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A free hosting platform you can count on

  • 99.99% uptime

    We’ll make sure that your website is always online. You’ll never miss a visitor again.

  • automated setup

    It’s super quick to get started with your website. Spend your time growing it, not setting it up.

  • Safe and sound

    Your visitors will completely trust your website, one that’s protected by the best security tech there is.

  • Faster than fast

    Create a website that loads at lightning speed. You won’t have to work for hours optimizing either.

  • Scale effortlessly

    Scalable and sustainable, your site’s infrastructure will upgrade automatically to meet higher traffic demands.

Focus on your website and leave the web hosting to us

There is no complicated setup or lines of code when you have free web hosting with Zyro.

You’ll never have to worry about hosting uptime, security or optimization. We’ll take care of all of that behind the scenes.

Your online success starts with Zyro – we’ve got everything you need, in one place.

Build Your Free Website
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Create your website in 3 easy steps

  • 1. Create a free account

    Register and get to work immediately.

  • 2. Choose a template

    Save time with a designer-made template.

  • 3. Publish

    Get online with free web hosting.

Boost your online presence with our innovative tools

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Premium Domain Names

Get a premium domain to make that perfect first impression.

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Next-Gen Site Builder

Experience a new kind of easy – create a website with Zyro.

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Business Email

Get a professional business email to do things properly.

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Easy-to-Use Logo Maker

Give your brand a great visual identity with our Logo Maker .

Free Hosting FAQs

  • What is website hosting?

    Website hosting is a service to store a website’s data on the internet, allowing others to access it.

    Simply put, when you host your website, you’re paying for space on a server somewhere, which enables your data to be stored and retrieved by your visitors.

    With Zyro, this service is provided to you for free.

    Note that website hosting is not the same as having a domain, which is just an address of your website. Yet, both website hosting and a domain are essential when you are building a website.

  • How does web hosting work?

    When you buy a website hosting plan, you receive an allocated space on a server where you can store your website files.

    Different hosting plans offer more or less server space, plus a variety of other features to make your website management responsibilities easier.

    You can access your data at any time.

  • How come you're able to offer free hosting?

    We’ve partnered up Hostinger, a world-renowned hosting company. Their competitive rates mean we’re able to offer all of our new clients free website hosting.

  • How do I know if my website is secure?

    We’ve taken all possible security measures to ensure that your website is secure.

    All websites created with Zyro will have an SSL certificate installed by default and for free. It ensures a secure and encrypted link between a browser and the web server that it’s trying to connect to.

    This guarantees that no information will be compromised.

  • What kind of hosting do I need?

    Zyro offers its users auto-scalable web hosting, meaning that the hosting capacity will grow as your website traffic grows.

    Traditionally, people and businesses had to consider a lot of things when choosing their hosting, from what kind of website they’re going to build to what levels of traffic they’re expecting.

    With auto-scalable web hosting, all the guesswork has been taken out.

    No matter your current workload, you can focus entirely on creating your website with Zyro and the rest will be done for you, including hosting.

  • What does uptime mean in website hosting?

    Uptime indicates how long a server can operate without being interrupted.

    If a server is down for any reason, your website will go down as well. In other words, it won’t be accessible to visitors for as long as the server remains down.

    When you’re choosing a web hosting provider, it’s important to pick one that can provide reliable uptime. That way, your website and your business are safe.

  • How can I build a website?

    Don’t overcomplicate things – just use Zyro. It’s a free website builder, that does most of the hard work for you.

    Forget designing and developing websites from scratch. Choose a template that fits your business niche, customize it so it reflects your brand and click ‘publish’.

    Free website hosting will be provided for you. And if you need additional help, such as producing content or generating a logo, Zyro’s got all bases covered.