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Build a one page website for anything at all

Simple to create, easy to maintain. One page websites are perfect to get yourself or your business online. Build it in under an hour. No card required.

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Designer-made templates

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When you start with a template, building a website is that much easier. All of our templates are professionally made. Pick one and get it published today.

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Landing page

Your professional website

If you want to use your one page website as a landing page for your brand or business, you'll be glad to know that we've taken care of the SEO and mobile-responsiveness for you.

Single page website builder

Make your mark

It's easy and quick to customize a Zyro template. Snap things to the grid by dragging and dropping elements around. Make your personality or the one of your brand pop.

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24/7 support

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Need inspiration? Running into issues? Or simply want to let us know what you think of Zyro? Whatever it may be, our customer support team are here for you.

Upgrade to Zyro premium to boost your website

  1. Powerful integrations

    Google Tag Manager and Analytics, Facebook Pixel and others.

  2. No ads

    Remove all Zyro branding and make your website your own.

  3. Custom everything

    Create a bespoke domain and favicon for your website.

  4. More bandwidth

    Serve more customers at the same time.

  5. More storage

    Perfect for media-heavy one page websites.

How to create a one page website

  • 1. Sign in or join Zyro.

  • 2. Pick a template that fits your needs.

  • 3. Customize said template to perfection by using our AI and business branding tools.

  • 4. Launch your website and let the world know about it.

  • 5. Consider upgrading to a premium membership for more perks.

Single page website FAQs:

  • The possibilities are limitless for a one page website. It could be literally anything at all: from a website to promote your dog-walking business, to a doctor advertising her private practise.Whatever your job, hobby or personal interest, you can share it with the world. And it doesn't need to be geared towards making a profit.Have a worthy cause others can volunteer for? A one page that's simple and easy to put together is perfect for this exact thing.No matter what subject your website is about, having one ensures that you can link people to it to get more information. Having an online presence makes all the difference.

Simple does it. Create your one page website today.

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