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Take control of your career and create a professional resume website that’ll catch the eye of hiring managers.

A laptop

Online resume builder

Sell yourself

You can create a resume website quickly and simply by using Zyro's drag-and-drop builder with an innovative grid system.

Resume templates

Finding a job shouldn't be hard work

The Zyro website builder features dozens of great looking templates to present your CV and cover letter in a clean and professional way.

A personal template
A personal template
A personal template

connect socially

Be a whole human

Make sure to give hiring managers a well-rounded impression by integrating social media profiles such as LinkedIn.

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privacy built-in

No risk, big rewards

On top of a free SSL certificate, you'll stay in total control of your personal data and privacy settings. Managing your privacy has never been easier.

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How to create an online resume with Zyro

  1. 1. Join Zyro or sign in

    Create a Zyro account in less than a minute.

  2. 2. Pick a resume template

    Browse Zyro's template library for a style that suits you.

  3. 3. Make it your own

    The simple and intuitive website builder is fully customizable.

  4. 4. Get out there

    Launch your page and start attracting potential employers.

  5. 5. Go pro

    Upgrade to a premium account for more customization opportunities.

Perks of resume websites

  1. Sell your skills

    Ensure potential employers understand exactly what you have to offer by presenting your skill set in one place.

  2. Promote your experience

    Your resume website is the ideal place to explain your work history and why it makes you the perfect hire.

  3. Promote your portfolio

    One big bonus to presenting your resume online is the ability to keep your updated portfolio looking great.

  4. Demonstrate your education

    Whether you want simple bullet points or a dedicated page, let employers see what you've learned.

  5. Land an interview

    Build a resume website that gets you through the door.

Resume Website Builder FAQs

  • A resume website is a reflection of you. It should be able to demonstrate the best of your skills, experience, and education, letting the hiring manager get a good idea of what you offer.As well as showing off your work experience, you might include videos or testimonials which recruiters can use to get a better picture of you.If you're a writer or have specific knowledge in your field, you might decide to create a blog to demonstrate what you know.One of the key elements you can't forget to include is personality.
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