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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Zyro Website Builder

Is it easy to build a website?

It's easier to built a website than ever before. All you need to do is to register at, login to your account and start building with a few clicks only!

Should I use a website builder or hire a web developer?

Most of the people would say that hiring the developer is the safer option. Such statement would make sense if web technology wouldn't allow to use it without actual IT knowledge. Website builder allows to start building your site with a few clicks only. Also, you wouldn't build it from scratch, because the step 1 at this process is choosing the template, which later on could be personalized. So overall all you need are already created by our developers, so you are welcome to test it out.

How to create a beautiful looking website?

It's more than easy to make a beautiful looking website with a few clicks only. At the first step of making new site, you will get an option to choose a proffesional looking template and it will be the starting view of your site. Edit it in any way you wish and make your website fast and easy! All our templates could be found here:

Can I adjust selected template?

You can and you have to adjust the selected template if you want to make the site personal or specific. Website builder was made with the purpose to help people who don't have IT knowledge or don't have enough time for classic development. So after selecting a templete - edit your site to make it familiar with your personality or the topic which you need for the site.

What online payments are accepted?

Payments from any credit/debit card are fully acceptable.

Which currencies and countries does Zyro support?

Zyro is for people from all over the world. Payment with credit/debit card allows to use any currency you wish while paying.

How do I sign up?

Simply follow up to the link, which is pinned bellow. Fill the registration form and hit Sign up!

How do I build and host my site for free?

Zyro website builder is brilliant tool for making sites without any coding knowledge. It works as drag & drop tool, so it's more than easy to simply build your personal website. Once the website will be done, you will get an option to host it for free!

What does connect your domain mean?

This option is for you, if you are considering to make your site open while enterring the specific url to browser search. For example - If you already have your own domain - follow up the instructions on how to connect domain name. If you don't have any domain yet, simply purchase it from us! You can do it right here: If you will have any questions - don't hesitate to contect us directly. Our Customer Success team is always ready to help.

How do I create a free website with a custom domain?

If you already have your own domain name, you only need to build website using Zyro tool, publish it and then follow the instructions to connect your domain with site. If you don't have domain name yet - no worries! After building your site, you can simply purchase a domain from Zyro. Check all available domains here:

How do I get my free domain?

Free domain could be created after making your personal site using Zyro website builder. You need to publish it and during the process of publishing site, you will get an option to create a completely free domain name!

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth describes the level of traffic and amount of data that could be transferred between your site, users, and the Internet.

How long are your contracts?

Our contract for free account is unlimited while each paid plan has it's expiration period.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

You can contact support channel for account's cancellation at any time. Also, your account could be made empty by manually deleting sites and all profile's data.