Free Website Templates

First impressions matter. Pick the perfect free website template for your project.

Choose a Template

Begin your journey with Zyro by choosing the perfect template for your site. Our selection of templates will elevate your website to new heights - whether you delve in music, own an online store or a photography website. You no longer have to dedicate time and resources to own a professional and customizable site.

Fashion Pop-up Store

Promote your pop-up store and make your customer interesting about your products with an interesting website layout and style.

Creative Agency

Promote your services with this minimal website template.

Electronic Artist

Share your stories, new releases and live performances using your website.

Bed And Breakfast

Invite new tenants to stay in your beautiful apartments. Designed with people's needs in mind.


Update your resume today and share your story with style and simplicity.


Attract potential participants by highlighting your event and giving the most needed information.

Pet Care

Calm colours, clean layouts and a simple interface that give your business a professional look.


A modern photography website template. Clean & simple layout to reveal your amazing portfolio.

Product page

Minimalistic and modern website design with large and attention-grabbing photo blocks.

Startup Company

The clean, playful and friendly design was created to promote your services and ensure others' trust.


Yummy template is build for your small business you love the most. Cherry on top!

Personal Profile

The clean and minimalistic design which highlight your experiences with the clear text-focused layout for a fast read.

Fashion & Apparel

Present your brand with this minimalist and playful website template.

Wellness / Massage Services

With a refreshing and soothing atmosphere, this is the prefect template to promote your unique holistic treatments.

Wedding invitation

Minimalistic and modern template to share your love story, photos & all important details for your special day.

Customize the Layout

Ready, set, done – Zyro builder will help you build your dream website in no time. Our one-of-a-kind block system and intuitive UI will make the website building process effortless and stress-free.

Add in the Content

Zyro AI Text Generator will help you create professional and personalized content for your website. Spice it up even further with free high-quality stock images.

How to Choose the Right Template?

1. Choose Accordingly to Your Brand

Creating a beautiful website is the first step in promoting your business. You can’t go wrong by picking a template that embodies your ideas and fits your niche the best.

2. Go with the visuals first

Website design is the face of your project. It needs to reflect you and your vision as the site owner. So, trust your instincts and go with what you like. After all, you can’t expect the template to support your brand if you don’t love it in the first place.

3. Know your content

Like dressing up for a special occasion, the layout and design must align with the content and the niche of your website. Know your goals and determine how you want people to perceive your brand. Only then you should pick the right template for your website.

4. Edit the website template

Once you’ve found the perfect template, make it your own. With a grid-based design system website builder, Zyro ensures that everyone gets to personalize their template without breaking a sweat.